20 Reasons to Choose Davis for a New HVAC System


Use this questionnaire to interview and compare contractors.

1. Has the contractor been in business long enough to survive the ups and downs of economic cycles? (Davis has been around since 1971 and offers the HVAC industry’s one and only — Fixed Right-Guaranteed®)
2. Do you have extended business hours and an emergency call-out service? (Davis offers 7-Day After Hours Emergency Service for all 365-days of the year)
3. Do you place a high priority on warranty calls? (CAUTION! Many contractors put warranties calls on the “back-burner” after the ones that create immediate revenue potentially leaving you highly uncomfortable with a long wait!)
4. Do you have an office staff and a Service Manager? (CAUTION! Who’s going to respond to your questions, comments, concerns, or complaints?)
5. Are there online references of a satisfied customer base? (Check out Davis at www.nearbynow.co/profile/air-conditioning/davis-air-conditioning-heating )
6. Are you licensed Class-A to do this type of work? (CAUTION! Manufacturer’s warranties do not cover work done by unlicensed contractors!)
7. Are you insured to do this the type of work? (CAUTION! Your homeowner’s insurance or high deductible may not cover physical damage caused by a contractor!)
8. Are your employees covered by Texas Workmen’s Compensation should they become injured at my residence? (CAUTION! Don’t risk a personal law suit should workmen become injured at your residence!)
9. Will you run an ACCA Manual J8 capacity load and room CFM volume calculations? (CAUTION! Others may state that the HVAC System is “properly sized,” but will not guarantee your comfort!)
10. Will the system I purchase be AHRI certified to guarantee the actual efficiency rating? (CAUTION! Others may mix and match equipment components to lower the price, but nullify the HVAC Systems efficiency rating and performance!)
11. Will you guarantee the price quoted will be the final price, even if you overlooked something? (CAUTION! Beware of a low initial price followed by a price increase after the work has started!)
12. Will you use mats, drop cloths and shoe covers while working inside my home? (CAUTION! Damage to your property could raise your total cost of installation dramatically!)
13. Will you remove my old equipment and all debris from the premises? (CAUTION! “Disposal fees” tacked on at the end of a job are a common “hidden charge.”)
14. Is there a long term, financially sound warranty included in my purchase? (CAUTION! Unlike car dealers, HVAC contractors are not required to honor other the manufacturer’s warranties on equipment installed by other contractors.)
15. Will your technicians be in a company uniform and driving a marked company vehicle? (CAUTION! Unsupervised service people often bring others who don’t belong there to the jobsite!)
16. Do you specialize in residential service and replacements? (CAUTION: Don’t allow a “part timer” or “jack of all trades” to work in your home!)
17. Will a permit be secured and all work meet or exceed existing codes? (CAUTION: Unless it’s specified in your contract, don’t assume this! Code violations are costly, and if not corrected, affect the homes safety and value!)
18. Will you flush the copper line set and braze with a dry nitrogen purge? (CAUTION! Line set brazing without a nitrogen presence causes impurities inside the line resulting in diminished HVAC System performance and longevity!)
19. Will you mastic seal and mechanically join all connections in my ductwork? (Davis duct systems are part of the “It’s not just green, it’s Davis Green®” performance guarantee!)
20. Is the first year of the HVAC system maintenance included? (With Davis, you automatically become a 1-year Silver Maintenance Club Member.)

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