Would Aeroseal Solve Your Indoor Air Problem?

Is your home a safe and healthy place for your family? Many Texans are surprised to learn that the air insides homes is often more polluted than outdoor air. That’s bad news for the health of your household. Poor indoor air quality aggravates allergies, asthma and other respiratory problems. Continued exposure to contaminants poses risks for otherwise healthy family members too. Fortunately, a duct-sealing process called Aeroseal can offer lasting relief.

Ductwork and Indoor Air Quality

We tend to think of ductwork as an air-tight system, but that’s rarely the case. In fact, in the average American home, up to 30 percent of conditioned air is lost to leakage. Leaks don’t just allow the air you’ve paid to cool or heat to escape outside. They provide an entry point for pollutants too. Contaminants found in ductwork range from allergens like pollen and dust mites to insulation particulates and chemical fumes. Duct sealing offers you an effective way to keep pollutants from circulating through your home.

What Makes Ductwork Leak?

Ducts are subject to frequent changes in temperature and air pressure. Over time, the continual wear and tear takes a toll. Leaks, cracks, and holes can develop, and connections can loosen. Because ducts are typically hidden in hard-to-reach places, leaks can impact the air you breathe long before they’re detected. Signs of leaking ducts include:

  • Poor Performance. Lackluster air delivery from leakage can make some rooms uncomfortably hot in summer and too cold in winter.
  • Rising Energy Bills. The air loss associated with leaky ducts can reduce HVAC efficiency by up to 20 percent, sending utility bills soaring.
  • Frequent HVAC Repairs. A leaky air distribution systems forces your heater and air conditioner to work overtime, leading to unexpected repairs.
  • Pest and Mold Infestations. Leaks let in moisture from outside, providing the perfect environment for everything from mold to cockroaches.

Scheduling regular maintenance for your HVAC systems helps prevent small leaks from turning into big problems. During these seasonal inspections, an experienced technician will conduct a visual inspection for ductwork leakage and integrity. If leaks are identified, Aeroseal duct sealing offers you an affordable solution.

Sealing Ducts from the Inside

While there are many ways to seal ducts, none are as effective as the Aeroseal system. Developed by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in the 1990s, the technology is considered the gold standard of duct sealing. The sealant system repairs leaks from the inside to keep outdoor pollutants out. Here’s how this innovative process works:

  • An air-pressure test is first conducted to determine the amount of leakage in the ductwork system.
  • A specialized blower delivers the aerosolized sealant into the duct through heavy-duty plastic tubing.
  • Leaks in the ducts create a draft that attracts sealant particles and holds them in place
  • The seal forms an impenetrable barrier, creating a blockade against outdoor pollutants.

After the sealing process is completed, a second air duct inspection is performed to verify the results. At Davis Air Conditioning and Heating, we back up the work with a 10-year warranty on the seal. We guarantee that you’ll be 100-percent satisfied with the job we do.

Expert Duct Sealing Services

Serving Houston and the neighboring communities since 1971, Davis Air Conditioning and Heating is your local ductwork authority. We’re proud to provide our valued clients with the best duct sealing method in the HVAC industry. With two offices to serve you, we’re able to offer fast and effective solutions that enhance your life at home. Find out more by exploring our full range of HVAC services or contact us today. In the Greater Houston area, you can reach us at 888-710-5530. In Brazoria County, give our South Office a call at 888-929-0049.

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