6 Mistakes You Don’t Have to Make With Your Spring, TX Thermostat

Maintaining pleasant conditions in your Spring, TX house is always important, and springtime is no exception. Some homeowners presume their unit is old or malfunctioning when they struggle to maintain an ideal indoor temperature or when their utility costs increase. If you’re experiencing such issues, the problem may be with your thermostat, so here are some common thermostat errors to avoid and how to fix them.

1. Setting Improper Temperatures

Your thermostat isn’t a set-it-and-forget-it type of control; leaving it at a single temperature for the entire season can actually lead to higher energy bills and more stress on your HVAC system. While comfortable temperatures differ from person to person, there are some guidelines to follow for the best mix of comfort and efficiency.

In the winter, put the temperature at 68 degrees F when you’re home and awake, modifying it by several degrees if necessary. When you’re asleep or away, set it lower so your system doesn’t waste energy heating your home unnecessarily.

During the warmer seasons, the ideal temperature is around 78 degrees Fahrenheit. Like with wintertime weather, change the temperature by a few degrees when asleep or away from home to prevent unneeded cooling.

2. Not Investing in a Programmable or Smart Thermostat

Programmable thermostats allow you to set schedules for what temperatures you want your home to be at, letting you automate changes instead of having to worry about them manually. Smart thermostats add to this functionality by allowing remote access from anywhere with an internet connection; for example, if you forget to turn off your thermostat when you go to work, you can use your smart thermostat’s control app to do so.

Many smart thermostats can also change the thermostat setting based on if it detects you’re home, making the process even simpler. Some can even learn your preferences, taking guesswork out of the process completely.

3. Installing Your Thermostat in Hot or Cold Parts of Your Home

Ideally, you should place your thermostat in a location that corresponds to the average temperature in your house. This will enable it to correctly record the general temperature of your home, allowing your unit to heat or cool the air as needed.

Installing your thermostat in unusually hot or cold areas of a room may also harm your system. It will switch off and on more frequently in response to perceived changes in temperature, causing the components of your HVAC system to wear out faster than they should, potentially necessitating an expensive repair or replacement.

4. Failure to Calibrate Your Thermostat

Having an HVAC expert calibrate your thermostat is the best method to keep your HVAC system operating smoothly. This entails setting your desired conditions and seeing if your thermostat achieves it for a given amount of time without toggling off and on. The proper calibration of your Spring, TX thermostat will also assist you in determining whether any parts of your system have worn out and need replacing.

5. Failure to Clean and Maintain Filters Frequently

All air conditioning units require routine HVAC maintenance to function properly. By restricting airflow, failing to clean or replace dirty filters can drastically decrease the efficiency of your HVAC system.

This can cause your thermostat to turn on and off more frequently, conflicting with its calibration. Consider replacing your HVAC filters on a regular basis—every 30 to 90 days as needed—to ensure your system operates at peak performance.

6. Failure to Make Use of Modern Features

Wi-Fi connectivity, geolocation technology, speech control and other functions are standard on modern smart thermostats. Using these features gives you more control over the thermostat and enables you to change its settings from any place using a mobile app or vocal commands. Instead of letting your system be out of sight and out of mind, use modern connectivity to help maximize efficiency.

Your Spring, TX home’s HVAC system is only as effective as the controls you use to keep it comfortable. Contact us at Davis Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc. for assistance with your thermostat or other HVAC problems.

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