7 Benefits of Using NATE-Certified Technicians

When you need HVAC services in Pearland, Texas, you will want to be sure that a technician who is NATE-Certified does the work. Especially in summer, air conditioning systems should be working at their best. Here are seven good reasons why you should look for the designation of NATE certification and the assurance it brings.

1. NATE-Certified Technicians Have Real-World Training

From air conditioning to heating and more, technicians receive training and testing. You can ask them questions and get advice and feel confident knowing the work is being done to the highest standards. The testing includes a variety of areas and thorough knowledge across different fields, such as electricity and temperature controls.

2. They’re Tested on Maintenance, Repairs and Installation

NATE-Certified technicians must first take a core test to gain certification; then a specialty test is the next step. After passing this test, they choose from Installation, Service, and Senior; these are the three specialty areas, and all need Knowledge Areas of Technician Expertise, called KATEs.

3. Technicians With NATE-Certification Get Fewer Callbacks

You don’t want the technician to re-visit your home because the work was not done correctly. Customers prefer a NATE-Certified standard of assured HVAC service. Fewer callbacks are a benefit to the business as well as its customers, whose time is valuable and want the job done right the first time without an added hassle of repeated visits.

4. Utilities Appreciate NATE Certification’s Focus

Installation and servicing of HVAC equipment that is being done correctly prevents problems. It helps the system work efficiently while saving you money. NATE certification helps to increase the likelihood that the work is done right the first time.

5. They Have Important Safety Training

Safety is 18% of the training test. When taking the certification test, technicians must know government regulations, safe work practices involving machinery, electricity, torch work, handling of containers and hazmat procedures in order to meet certification goals.

In addition to this, technicians must know math, physics and chemistry basics, electrons in electricity, electrical basic terms, magnetism, AC and DC circuits, basic circuit analysis, electricity – generation and distribution, solid-state electronics, pressure measurements, mathematics, mechanics, gas laws, electrical load types and power. Having the assurance that the work is being done by someone trained and tested in a variety of areas as well as safety gives you peace of mind.

6. Experience Counts

These technicians stay in the field longer and accumulate more years of experience; not only are they well trained, but they are also knowledgeable. Training plus experience is of benefit to you when work is being done right the first time. You can be confident installation, maintenance and repairs are being done by a technician that is thoroughly experienced.

7. You Can Relax and Feel Assured

Construction knowledge is part of NATE certification and the testing procedure. They must have a knowledge of plans and specifications, plumbing (piping) layouts, ceilings, walls, floors, room specs – clear span and ceiling heights, roofing, fenestration, girders and trusses and chimneys in order to pass the test.

You now have seven reasons why choosing a NATE-certified technician is a wise choice for your air conditioning needs during the hot Texas months. We can meet your installation, repair and maintenance needs. If you’re ready for a new air conditioning system, Davis Air Conditioning has one that will be energy efficient and save you on your monthly utility bills.

Don’t lose your cool during the hot months with faulty air conditioning. Using a NATE-certified technician is a wise choice. With tested knowledge of tools, safety, basic construction, basic science, temperature, humidity, air quality, measurements, thermometers and calculations, they receive training in electricity as well.

We have a staff of fully certified NATE technicians. Give us a call at Davis Air Conditioning to schedule maintenance, service or repair today. We can help you to keep your air conditioning working efficiently.

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