How to Battle Texas Allergens

Texas is one of the most troublesome states in the country for allergies. Houston residents find themselves facing irritating allergens year-round. If you’re struggling with persistent problems like itchy eyes, a runny nose, and frequent headaches, tackling the allergens in your environment may offer some relief. With the right combination of professional services and smart steps, you can create a healthy environment with minimal allergens to bother you.

Talk to a Professional

If you’re suffering from serious allergies, see a certified allergist to pinpoint what’s bothering you. Not all allergists have the same training. Look for someone who is certified by the American Board of Allergy and Immunology and belongs to the American College of Allergists and American Academy of Allergy. Proper credentialing is important in this largely unregulated field. You don’t want to sit down with a so-called specialist who won’t give you actionable information. Ask your doctor for a recommendation and make sure your allergist is appropriately qualified.

A knowledgeable allergist can help you distinguish symptoms of a common cold or flu from those caused by allergies. You can also undergo allergy testing that will help you identify which allergens bother you the most. Understanding where your symptoms are coming from is a powerful tool for fighting them.

Watch for Your Irritants

Texas is a prime spot for allergens thanks to its warm weather and plethora of pollens. Ash, elm, oak, pecan, and mountain cedar trees are common throughout the state. Grasses and ragweed are abundant as well. Where other parts of the country have distinct allergy seasons, Texas plants can pollinate at almost any time. Once you’ve identified which plants are most problematic, you can keep an eye out for these and try to avoid them.

You can keep allergens out of your home with proper air cleaning systems. Choose whole-home systems that fit directly in your heating and cooling system. Air cleaners like advanced air filters and air purifiers will capture smaller particles than your standard HVAC filter. The Infinity Air Purifier GAPA captures a stunning 95 percent of pathogens that are 0.30 microns in size or larger.

Know Your Triggers

Allergens themselves are just one thing that can trigger your allergies. You may also find your allergies flaring up when you’re experiencing a particular emotion. Excitement, anxiety, or anger may cause your allergies to kick into high gear. Better stress management or mindfulness exercises can then assist in getting allergies under control.

Spring Clean Year-Round

So-called “spring cleaning” doesn’t have to be an annual affair. With Texas’s year-round allergies, keeping the home clean should be a continuous effort. Check your air filter once a month for visible dust and dirt. Change the filter anytime you can see dirty buildup and no less than once every three months.

Dust and vacuum at least once a week to keep allergens like dust mites and pollen under control. If you have children or pets who track in more troublesome irritants, you may need to clean your home more frequently. Try these strategies to further reduce allergens in your home:

  • Keep out-of-season clothes in sealed plastic bins or garment bags so dust doesn’t settle on them.
  • Avoid storing items on the floor where dirt can gather in nooks and crannies. Keep the floor clear so you can sweep more efficiently.
  • Dust your fans regularly.
  • Remember to dust the tops of door and window frames, woodwork, picture frames, and light fixtures.

Engage in Proper Maintenance

Keeping your home allergen-free requires smart maintenance throughout the year. You should have your HVAC system tuned up at least once a year. During this visit, your HVAC technician will thoroughly clean the unit, taking care of dust and other allergens that may build up inside. Your technician will also check the drip pan and condensation line to make sure they’re draining properly and there’s no mildew or standing water.

If you need help clearing up allergens in your home, contact Davis Air Conditioning & Heating at 888-710-5530. We’ll help you find the right HVAC solutions for easy breathing in your home.

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