How Heater Tuneups Save You Time and Money

With cool fall temperatures just around the corner for the Sugar Land, Texas, area, it’s only a matter of time before you’re going to need your furnace. Scheduling a tuneup for your furnace before the chilly air arrives can help you save time and money.

Benefits of Furnace Tuneups

Having your furnace maintained before you need it is more convenient and comfortable than facing a breakdown. Regular tuneups catch simple issues before they become costly repairs or system-killing problems. They also prevent service calls that leave your family waiting in the cold. Essentially, preventive maintenance and cleaning lessen the likelihood of system failure.

Like a car, a furnace that’s tuned up runs more efficiently and uses less fuel. A thorough inspection ensures all parts of your heating system are in good working order, helping you save money on your winter heating bills.

On another note, gas-burning furnaces naturally create carbon monoxide. Every year, people suffer from carbon monoxide poisoning, which can be life-threatening. Carbon monoxide is odorless and colorless, and it’s undetectable by human senses until poisoning starts to happen. A professional furnace inspection and tuneup cuts the chances of your family’s exposure to this potentially harmful gas.

If your heating system is under warranty, many manufacturers require proof of regular service to maintain the warranty in case something goes wrong. A yearly furnace tuneup will meet these requirements.

Many systems today have 5-, 10-, or even 15-year warranties. During tuneups, our technicians clean, oil, and tighten parts throughout your system. These seem like simple tasks, but they can go a long way in helping extend the life of your furnace. Plus, a regularly maintained system can outlast its warranty and provide your family with comfort for many years.

Our Service Plans

As a Davis Club member, you’ll benefit from annual furnace and air conditioning system inspections scheduled before the peak use for each unit. You’ll also enjoy a two-year limited warranty on parts and labor for any HVAC repairs.

What Does a Furnace Tuneup Include?

Our furnace tuneups include a complete inspection of your home’s heating system in its entirety. We check your thermostat to make sure it’s reading correctly and that the anticipator is working. We’ll tighten all electric connections to your furnace to prevent short circuits and fires. We’ll also make sure your fan controls work cohesively with the heat cycle so that warm air is introduced into your home where you need it.

We check that your furnace is burning gas safely and is properly ventilated to prevent carbon monoxide leaks. We also check incoming gas lines and gas pressure, ignition or thermocouple assemblies, and burner combustion.

We verify that your heat exchanger is in good working order and maintains safe air separation. We also scrutinize ventilation, making sure that dangerous gas goes outdoors and warm air stays indoors.

Not all heating systems use gas for fuel. When we tune up an electric system, we double-check that the heating elements are functioning at the right electric rate. We check and record voltage and amps at the heater and breaker box, lowering the risk of short circuits or fires.

Our Air Conditioning Tuneups

As a Davis Club member, you’ll also get a yearly air conditioning tuneup. While you’re probably not thinking about it now, your AC will be working hard before you know it.

We’ll check and calibrate your thermostat, change filters, and check all ducts for cracks and damage. We inspect and clean all blower parts, drains, and drain pans. We’ll tighten all electrical connections inside and out, along with checking voltage.

We scrub the outdoor unit, including cleaning the condenser coil, with a special cleaner. We verify that the fan and motor are balanced, oiled, and properly functioning. We run a system check to make sure your condenser is working the way it should.

A well-maintained furnace is necessary to keep the frost at bay. Give Davis Air Conditioning a call at 888-710-5530 to schedule your furnace tuneup or to ask about our service agreements. Our highly skilled, professional team will help you in any way we can and answer any questions you may have.

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