Save Energy With 6 Smart Thermostat Tips

Keeping your Galveston, Texas, home cool and comfortable doesn’t have to be expensive during the spring and summer, especially if you have a smart thermostat. From programming your family’s schedule to controlling indoor air quality components, find out how to save energy with six smart thermostat tips.

Program Your Family’s Schedule

To make the most of your smart thermostat, the Davis Air Conditioning & Heating team recommends taking notes on your family’s schedule. If your whole crew is typically out of the house for most of the day and sleeping on a similar overnight schedule, you can program your thermostat to turn on when you’ll be home and to tone your air conditioner down when you’re away or asleep.

During the cooling season, set the default temperature to 78 degrees. Then program the thermostat to 86 overnight and during the workday to save up to 10 percent on your energy bill. Remember to set a different schedule for weekends or any other days you’re not on a typical schedule.

Adjust Your Thermostat from Anywhere

Programming an energy-efficient cooling schedule is a great way to save, but you don’t have to stop there. Connect your smart thermostat to your home’s Wi-Fi network so you can log in and save energy at a moment’s notice.

Planning a late night at work? Use your tablet to adjust the thermostat so your HVAC system isn’t cooling your home while you aren’t there. Thinking about an impromptu weekend away with the kids? Use your smartphone to change your smart thermostat’s settings from virtually anywhere.

Take Advantage of Vacation Mode

Whether you’re taking a spontaneous weekend getaway, or you’ve been planning a much-needed vacation for months, vacation mode can help you save even more. Naturally, after investing time into programming your smart thermostat, you won’t want to erase the settings when you go away for a few days.

Fortunately, setting your Infinity Remote Touch Access Control to vacation mode simply puts your normal settings on hold while dialing back your typical air conditioning needs. Program an end time for vacation mode to ensure you return to a nice, cool home, or change the settings on the go if you don’t have a firm return time.

Analyze Energy Reports

Smart devices like the Côr Wi-Fi Thermostat allow you to take your energy savings one step further. Navigate to the device’s energy reports to get a complete account of your family’s HVAC-related energy usage.

Try using the data you glean to identify the times of day or days of the week when you use the most energy. Then brainstorm ways to keep your energy consumption in check, such as making use of ceiling fans or lowering your home’s humidity level. You may even be able to turn energy savings into a family-oriented challenge, complete with prizes.

Control Indoor Air Quality Components

Your family’s health is of the utmost importance, and maintaining optimal indoor air quality is essential for keeping everyone happy and healthy. With a smart thermostat, you can streamline your indoor air quality efforts while keeping your costs in check.

Smart thermostat models like the Côr Wi-Fi thermostat allow you to monitor and adjust everything from whole-home dehumidifiers to ultraviolet (UV) lamps to ventilation systems. To make the most of your indoor air quality, talk with our team about compatibility between HVAC add-ons and smart thermostats.

Rely On Maintenance Reminders

When life gets busy, completing HVAC maintenance tasks might not be at the top of your list. Fortunately, most smart thermostats allow you to set reminders for replacing air filters, scheduling HVAC maintenance, and performing other routine tasks.

Since regular maintenance enables your HVAC system to achieve peak performance, these reminders help you improve HVAC efficiency and lower your energy bill at the same time. With routine maintenance, you could even extend the life of your HVAC system, increasing your savings even more.

Whether you’re in the market for a new smart thermostat or you need a hand programming your existing device, our team is here to help with all your HVAC needs. Call Davis Air Conditioning & Heating today: 888-929-0049.

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