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Is My Heat Pump the Wrong Size for My Home in West Columbia, TX?

Your heat pump should be correctly sized for your home to provide the comfort you need. Most people assume that an oversized system will regulate indoor temperatures faster and an undersized system will conserve energy, which is not true. We will cover signs that show a heat pump is too large or too small for your West Columbia, TX home.

High Energy Bills

You may notice your energy bill has increased after installing a new heat pump, yet there are no changes in utility rates. There are multiple HVAC issues that can contribute to a high energy bill and an improperly sized heat pump is one of them.

An oversized heat pump has more temperature regulation capabilities than your home’s heating and cooling load. As a result, the system will provide a blast of warm or cold air in a short time and shut down.

Typically, a properly sized system should operate in two to three cycles each hour. An oversized system does not complete a cooling cycle. Consequently, it will turn on again after a short period and start the heating or cooling process.

A heat pump’s compressor consumes a lot of energy while starting up. Therefore, your energy bill will increase if the compressor keeps starting and shutting down more times than it should.

On the other hand, an undersized heat pump cannot satisfy your home’s heating and cooling load. For this reason, it will run without stopping, trying to achieve the temperature you have set on the thermostat. Running continuously increases your energy bill.

Humidity Problems

Your heat pump absorbs excess moisture from the air through the evaporator coils. The system then disposes of this moisture to the outside and allows the dehumidified air to circulate into your home.

High humidity levels in your home promote biological growth. Biological growth releases spores in the air, which affects indoor air quality. Your heat pump helps to regulate indoor temperatures as well as eliminate excess humidity.

For a system to remove excess humidity, it must complete a temperature regulation cycle. Therefore, an oversized heat pump fails to remove excess moisture in your home because it shuts down too soon.

Uneven Temperature Distribution

For an undersized heat pump, the rooms closer to the system will be warmer during the cold season while those furthest from the system will be colder. Failing to complete a temperature regulation cycle will result in different temperatures in various rooms in your home if you have an oversized system.

Frequent Repairs

When an oversized heat pump keeps turning on and off, it puts a lot of pressure on its parts, increasing wear and tear. As a result, you may require the services of your technician more often to keep the system operational.

An undersized heat pump’s parts also break down more often since the components work all the time. Some parts, such as the compressor, are very expensive to repair. It is best to get a new system to achieve more comfort, efficiency and reduced repairs.

Consult a professional technician before you buy a new system to ensure you get the right one for your home. The technician will use an industry-standard formula to determine your home’s heating or cooling load.

They will consider your home’s square footage, the number of doors and windows, the direction the windows face, the insulation in your home, and the heat-generating appliances you use. A properly sized and well-maintained heat pump does not consume excessive energy and supplies uniform temperature distribution in your house.

Do not allow an improperly sized system to interfere with your peace of mind anymore. Contact Davis Air conditioning and Heating for professional HVAC services. Our technician will advise you about everything you need to consider before you install a new heat pump for your home.

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