The 9 Best Heat Pumps for the Money

Don’t let the name fool you. Heat pumps are an excellent, cost-effective way to heat and cool your home. Basically, a heat pump moves air either in or out of your house depending on the temperature outside. If it’s cold outside, it removes the heat energy and transfers it into the home. When it’s warm outside, it takes the heat from the interior and transfers it outside. In short, it’s a much better way to make your home the perfect temperature. If you want to save money in your Houston home, check out a few of these heat pumps that are great values.

Infinity 20 Heat Pump With Greenspeed Intelligence 25VNA0

A heat pump is already a genuine source of heating and cooling for the house, but Carrier’s Infinity 20 takes the efficiency to a whole new level. Using its patented Greenspeed Intelligence, the Infinity 20 uses a variable-speed fan and compressor to heat or cool a home based on its size. Even though it is more expensive, its break-even point is short based on lower monthly utility bills, an increase in home price, and possible tax credits up to $500. It also gives off a gentle hum and only gets as loud as 58 decibels, a markedly lower number than traditional heating and cooling systems, thanks to Carrier’s exclusive Silencer System II technology.

Infinity 19 Heat Pump 25HNB9

Just a step below the Infinity 20, the Infinity 19 is a Consumer Digest Best Buy that provides ample heating and cooling no matter what the weather in Houston is like. This unit is ideal for hot climates because of its super high-efficiency ratings. It boasts a seasonal energy efficiency ratio of 19, as well as a heating season performance factor of 10. These two ratings measure the overall efficiency of a system in cooling and heating. The higher the number, the better the value. Other features include two-stage heating and cooling, dual fuel capability, which allows the unit to team with a gas furnace, and a WeatherArmor cabinet to protect the unit from outdoor elements. This WeatherArmor Ultra protection package includes a galvanized steel cage, a louvered coil guard, and baked-on powder paint. The Infinity 19 Heat Pump is a unit that pays for itself after only a few short years.

Infinity 16 Heat Pump 25HNB6

At a slightly lower price point is the Infinity 16 Heat Pump. This pump still offers a ton of features and utility bill savings, although it’s not quite as efficient as the Infinity 20. Some features of the Infinity 16 include a seasonal energy efficiency ratio of 17, a two-stage compressor for optimal heating and cooling, and integration with the Carrier Infinity WiFi system. The connection with the WiFi system means that you can adjust the settings of the Infinity 16 with your smartphone or another mobile device. Throw in a Silencer System II sound reducer, a Consumer Digest Best Buy Award, and an Energy Star rating, and the Infinity 16, is definitely worth the money.

Performance 16 Heat Pump 25HCB6

Although the Performance series isn’t on the same level as the Infinity Series, it still does a more than adequate job heating and cooling the home, and at a fraction of the cost. It offers a seasonal energy efficiency ratio of 16.5, as well as a two-stage compressor, much like the Infinity 16. When matched with a variable speed air handler, this unit provides great efficiency that is higher rated than any of its competitors in the same class. This heat pump also comes with a filter drier, which protects the compressor from outdoor elements. Although the installation adds some money onto the overall price, a properly installed machine lasts about 20 years with annual maintenance.

Performance 15 Heat Pump 25HCC5

Another great heat pump under the Performance brand name, the Performance 15 is a reliable unit that promises to deliver savings for years to come. One of the perks of this unit is its seasonal energy efficiency ratio of 16 and a heating seasonal performance factor of nine. With these two ratios, your home is comfortable year-round with an afterthought of high energy bills. It’s a single-stage heat pump, which means you don’t get the versatility of the two-stage Infinity series, but it is perfect for smaller homes or rental units. In addition, the Performance 15 has a sound blanket to reduce noise, a drier blanket and WeatherArmor Ultra for outdoor protection.

Performance 13 Heat Pump 25HCB3

The little brother of the previous two units, the Performance 13 provides an ample seasonal energy efficiency ratio of 16 and a heating seasonal performance factor 8.8, making it a great choice for homeowners or landlords or a budget. Starting at just under $2,100 for a 1.5-ton unit, the Performance 13 is a single-stage heat pump perfect for heating small homes or large apartments. It has an average output of noise at 70 decibels, a filter drier to protect the compressor, and WeatherArmor Ultra protection for the outside unit. To put your mind at ease, the Performance 13 also comes with a 10-year warranty.

Comfort 15 Heat Pump 25HBC5

For homeowners looking to make a leap to the heat pump or doing an HVAC makeover, the Comfort 15 is the perfect place to start. It’s a single stage heat pump, so it isn’t as efficient as some of the higher-end models, but it still gets the job done, especially when considering its economical cost. This model also provides a seasonal energy efficiency ratio of 15 and a heating seasonal performance factor of 8.8, meaning that it’s a top-notch heating source down to freezing point. Although it comes with a 10-year parts warranty, an extended warranty is available along with one free year of maintenance and labor.

Comfort 13 Heat Pump 25HCD3

The Comfort 13 heat pump is a reliable, affordable heat pump for people on a budget or first-time homeowners looking to update their HVAC system. This unit is a single stage heat pump that’s perfect for moderate temperatures. It comes with a seasonal energy efficiency ratio of 13 and a heating seasonal performance factor of 7.7. Although these numbers drop off compared to the Comfort 15, they increase drastically when hooked up to a Carrier indoor furnace or air handler. It also is compatible with many of the thermostats available from Carrier.

Infinity 16 Coastal Heat Pump 25HNB6C

For those that live within 10 to 15 miles of the Gulf of Mexico, there’s always a risk of saltwater damage from the nearby waters. However, the Infinity 16 Coastal heat pump takes care of this problem by providing extra protection from the elements, as well a standard five-year extended parts warranty. It features Carrier’s patented WeatherShield protection, which features ArmorPlate coil coating, as well as the WeatherUltra protection you’ll see on other Infinity and Performance products. Similar to other Infinity heat pumps, this unit gets a seasonal energy efficiency ratio of 17.5 and a heating seasonal performance factor of 9.5. It’s also incredibly quiet with a noise output of only 67 decibels.

Choosing the right heat pump for your home isn’t something to take lightly. Your selection defines the comfort level or your home, your monthly utility bill savings, and how long the unit lasts. However, with these units from Carrier, you can put your mind at ease thanks to a reputable company and a fantastic warranty. The only thing you’ll need to worry about is finding the right professionals to install your heat pump quickly and correctly. Contact Davis Air Conditioning and Heating to schedule an appointment today by calling 888-710-5530.

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