Watch for These 7 HVAC Problems In An Older Home in Katy, TX

Your older home in Katy, TX, has a lot of admirable character and history. However, it can be challenging to heat and cool an older home because you could have an outdated HVAC system. Here are some HVAC problems that you’re likely to experience in an older home.

1. Lack of Zoning

Older homes often have a single thermostat to control the internal temperature of the entire house. Lack of zoning in older homes doesn’t allow you to set specific temperatures for different areas, which can be inconvenient and energy-consuming. Install a zoned HVAC system in your older home that will enable you to designate cooling and heating temperatures for specific zones throughout the home.

2. Outdated HVAC System

HVAC systems often last up to 15 to 20 years. If you buy an older home, you can probably expect the unit to have a shorter lifespan. An aging HVAC unit sometimes cycles on and off frequently, or it may run longer than it should.

Lack of regular HVAC maintenance is also a common problem in older homes. An aging HVAC unit contains outdated technology. It’s wise to replace the HVAC system of an older home to save money and improve efficiency.

3. Poor Indoor Air Quality

Older homes often smell musty because you have an outdated HVAC system that’s less efficient at keeping humid air out and cool air inside. When outdoor air enters your home, it can affect your humidity levels and introduce pollutants into your air. Indoor air pollutants affect indoor air quality and cause problems like respiratory issues, congestion and allergies.

Talk to an HVAC expert for help choosing the right system for your older home. Maintaining HVAC units in older homes and changing filters often can also help to improve the indoor air quality in an older home.

4. Outdated Thermostats

Another common HVAC problem in older homes is an outdated thermostat that might cause inefficient heating and cooling and frequent cycling. Upgrade to modern thermostat technologies that enable you to enjoy features to control your HVAC settings. Proper settings for an HVAC system allow you to optimize its efficiency and extend its lifespan, providing optimal comfort levels.

5. HVAC Problem of Uneven Cooling

Older homes often experience the issue of uneven cooling or heating because the HVAC unit is inefficient. Hire an expert for professional inspection and diagnosis if you experience uneven cooling or heating in your older home.

6. Energy Inefficiency

The HVAC unit of an older home could be functioning well, but the chances are that it’s energy-inefficient. Modern HVAC units are more energy-efficient, so they maintain the same indoor comfort levels in your home without consuming as much electricity. An old HVAC unit often requires more maintenance and repairs to keep it functional, making it costly to operate.

7. Poor Airflow

Another HVAC problem in older homes is air leaking along the run of your ductwork, which wastes money when heating and cooling leaks into ceilings and behind walls. When the sealing of joints and elbows in old ducts loses effectiveness, you’re likely to experience air leaking. Hire a professional to check your ductwork and give recommendations, especially if you have an old HVAC unit.

If the indoor air temperatures in an older home are inconsistent, it could be due to outdated ductwork. Older air ducts often stop effective heating and cooling in your older home for a variety of reasons, so replacing them can improve airflow.

If you own or intend to buy an older home, look out for the above HVAC problems. You can solve most of these issues by replacing the system or hiring an HVAC technician for repairs. At Davis Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc., we have experienced technicians to help solve HVAC problems in older homes.

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