HVAC System Installation in Rosenberg, TX?

Many homeowners buy a home with an HVAC system already installed, so upgrading or replacing an outdated system brings up a lot of questions. Here is some information about what to expect when replacing an old or installing a new HVAC system for the first time in your Rosenberg, TX home.

Preparing Your Home

If your home is not already equipped for an HVAC system, you will also have to look into ductwork installation. You should speak with an expert team to have your home assessed. They can not only tell you how to prepare for a new HVAC but also recommend the perfect model that suits your home’s specifications and your needs.

Getting an Estimate

Our HVAC technicians can offer a personalized estimate for the cost of a new HVAC system in Rosenberg, TX after they assess your property. They will consider factors such as the size of your home, the features you want from your system, whether you are upgrading to a new smart thermostat or not and how long it will take to install.

Make Additional Upgrades

Getting a new HVAC system can often lead to further home improvement projects, such as updating attic insulation, resealing doors and windows and repairing any breaches in your roof or exterior walls that could cause air to escape.

Our licensed technicians will ensure your home receives the most effective system for its size and usage habits. This will maximize its energy efficiency and ensure optimal temperature control and comfort.

Working With a Qualified Technician

You should only hire a licensed HVAC company to perform your installation. Consider factors such as:

  • Their years of experience
  • The level of service they offer
  • Warranties on the systems they sell
  • Incentives, discounts or special deals
  • Their knowledge and personal attention during the consultation process

Conduct online research to confirm you are working with a reputable company. Schedule an estimate from multiple contractors. They should inspect your current system and give you a clear, detailed quote only after assessing your home.

Check that the HVAC system estimate includes the job duration, an itemized list of installation fees, the cost of the new HVAC system and the cost of installation services. Ask about any clean-up fees for removing your old HVAC system and any other additional costs you might incur.

Ensuring the Right Model and Size

Square footage affects the appropriate sizing of HVAC systems. Oversized and undersized HVAC systems are a common cause of issues for many homeowners. To prevent this issue, be sure to ask the HVAC contractor to explain why they are recommending the type of model they suggest.

Check that any model your HVAC contractor recommends is ENERGY STAR-certified. This certification proves a system is highly efficient and helps reduce utility costs.

Keeping the Area Clear

When the HVAC team arrives to install your new system, be sure to keep their workspace clear of obstacles and ensure that children and pets are not close to them while they’re working. Ask your contractor what parts of your house they will need to access before installation day so you can make any necessary adjustments.

The HVAC technician will shut off power to your main system and then remove its refrigerant safely. After this, they will begin removing old parts of your unit. This can include accessing the attic, crawl space and basement.

If your HVAC is being installed for the first time, your technician can get straight to work placing all the necessary equipment. Whether you are replacing a system or are a first-time HVAC system owner, your technician will take measures to protect your floors, walls and furniture during the process.

If you are considering upgrading your home’s climate control system, we suggest working with a licensed, experienced professional. Our team is here to help. Contact Davis Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc. today to learn more about our HVAC replacement services and arrange a home assessment with a licensed HVAC contractor in Rosenberg, TX.

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