2 Reasons to Upgrade to a Variable Speed HVAC System

Most Lake Jackson, Texas, homeowners want to know how to increase energy efficiency in their homes, from creating energy-saving habits to using the most energy-efficient options like variable speed technology. Variable speed technology may sound like a really complex concept, but at the very basic level, it’s an HVAC system upgrade that allows your system to change power settings to use only what it needs. Here are two reasons why it may be time to upgrade to a variable speed system.

HVAC System Energy Savings

A standard single-stage HVAC model works like this. If you set the thermostat to 72 degrees in the winter, your HVAC system will stay off until the temperature in your home falls below that number. Let’s say the temperature falls to 71 degrees. Your system turns on at full throttle, giving 100% of energy and power to bring your home temperature back to 72. Then it turns off again, cycling on and off in this way throughout the day and always using full capacity to reheat that one degree of difference.

A variable speed system, instead of turning on at full capacity each time it needs to regulate temperature, can switch between different power modes to do its job. Your system doesn’t need 100% of power to carry out one degree, or several degrees, of heating every time it comes on during the day. A variable speed system uses less power to do the job with greater efficiency, saving both energy and money.

Better Dehumidification

Variable speed technology also dehumidifies your home at greater levels of efficiency than a single-stage unit. A heat pump with variable speed will remove more moisture from the air as it operates on a lower power setting for a longer and more steady time period. A single-stage unit only cycles on and off in response to temperature needs, but not humidity levels.

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