Thanks to air filters, your HVAC system does a great job of removing harmful particles from the air to provide excellent indoor air quality in your Stafford, Texas, home. However, you could take things a step further by installing ultraviolet (UV) lighting inside your air ducts. There are a number of reasons to consider investing in HVAC UV lights for your home, including improved airflow, better energy efficiency, and a lower risk of illnesses.

Improved Airflow

Even with the best of air filters, bacteria can build up on the structures inside your HVAC unit. These contaminants can collect on the drain pans, cooling coils, and air ducts, preventing smooth operation by inhibiting airflow. Luckily, UV lights kill all these microorganisms, improving airflow for better performance and lower maintenance costs.

Better Energy Efficiency

Because the UV lights are improving airflow in your unit, you may see improved energy efficiency. As soon as you have us install these lights for you, you may notice a decrease in your monthly energy bill.

Lower Risk of Illnesses

The biggest and most beneficial reason to invest in UV lights for your HVAC system is the decreased chance of illnesses and diseases for your family. Without such a system, bacteria and viruses that cause you to become sick can circulate throughout your home. This means that even if you quarantine the sick person, his or her germs can still reach you several rooms away. UV lights can kill these harmful microorganisms and pathogens so they don’t infect you, your children, or your spouse.

When you’re ready to learn more about installing UV lights on your HVAC system, give Davis Air Conditioning & Heating a call. In addition to installing these lights, we can perform HVAC tuneups, replacements, and more. Call us today at 888-710-5530 (Greater Houston) to get started.

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