Some household tasks tend to get put off month after month. However, we don’t recommend that you skip regular maintenance of your HVAC unit. A dirty HVAC unit in your Houston, Texas, home can actually be dangerous to your family.

Increases Allergy Symptoms

Filters do a great job at keeping common allergens out of the home. However, when your air filter is coated with dust and debris, it can prevent it from removing these allergens.

Unfortunately, changing your air filter only keeps one part of the unit clean. Regular HVAC maintenance ensures the entire unit is properly cleaned, preventing allergens from entering your home.

Worsens Asthma Symptoms

Some household members may have asthma symptoms that are triggered by air pollutants. Some common triggers include smoke and gas fumes. It is possible for outdoor or garage fumes to make it into the house, especially when your HVAC unit is not cleaned or properly inspected.

Some homeowners might also choose to upgrade to an air purifier. Air purifiers work as a second point of contact that blocks out harmful pollutants that can worsen asthma symptoms.

Risk of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Exposure to carbon monoxide is dangerous. Unfortunately, it is both colorless and odorless, making it difficult to identify. When your furnace is working properly, the carbon monoxide is carefully contained within the unit. If the heat exchanger cracks or the ventilation is blocked, then the carbon monoxide can escape and leak into the house.

You can avoid carbon monoxide risks by scheduling an annual inspection, regularly changing your air filters, and checking that your carbon monoxide detector is up and running.

Failing to keep up with regular cleanings and preventive maintenance of your HVAC unit can be dangerous. It can allow pollutants into your air, while also putting you at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Call Davis AC today at 888-929-0049 to schedule your next HVAC tuneup.

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