HVAC Issues

We all procrastinate when it comes to Stafford, Texas, home maintenance, whether that means fixing a leaky faucet or getting minor roof issues repaired. If you’re ignoring HVAC issues, like strange smells or refrigerant leaks, you need to address these problems before they grow into something bigger.

Funny Smells

You might be willing to light candles or buy air freshener, but you shouldn’t cover up or ignore bad smells from your HVAC system. Anything from dirty air filters to mold on your coils can cause funny smells. Start by changing your air filter, and if that doesn’t solve the problem, call for maintenance.

Strange Noises

You may be able to hear it when your HVAC system turns on or off, but that’s all you should hear. Banging, clanking, groaning, or any other noises are not supposed to happen and might indicate that parts are loose in your machine. As soon as you hear a weird noise, call for maintenance, as it’s only going to get worse from there.

Refrigerant Leaks

You might see ice forming (or hear it cracking) in the coils of your AC, hear hissing noises coming from the unit, or notice that it doesn’t cool the way it used to. Any of these problems point to a refrigerant leak, and that is something you definitely don’t want to ignore. A technician will repair the leak and infuse the coils with new refrigerant if they need it.

Thermostat Programming

A smart thermostat will only save you money if it works correctly. If you installed it yourself, it may not be accurately gauging the temperature in your house, which means it isn’t running your system at top efficiency. Always leave new equipment installation to the pros.

Choose Davis Air Conditioning and Heating to solve any of your HVAC issues. Our competent technicians will assess the problem, offer you solutions, and perform quality repairs in a timely fashion. Even if nothing is broken, make sure you’re getting your yearly HVAC maintenance so none of these issues start to develop. Call us today at 888-710-5530.

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