If you haven’t turned on the heat in your Stafford, Texas, home, you will soon. Heating systems can warm your home for years without a hiccup, but they are machines that will eventually break or fail. Some signs your heating system needs help are more subtle than others.

Signs You See

It’s normal for gas and electric rates to go up and down. If your wintertime utility bill is going up without an obvious explanation, then it could be a sign your furnace needs to be checked.

If you see standing water around your HVAC unit, call a service technician. Your condensate line may be clogged and it takes professional skill to flush and clean it.

The flames inside a gas-burning furnace should be blue and bright. Flickering or yellow flames signal improper burning which could indicate a combustion issue. Get help immediately as you could have a carbon monoxide leak.

If you notice that you need to dust more often than normal, it’s time to have your heater checked out. Problems like a dry cough, itchy skin, and sinus headaches could be caused by overly dry air which might be easily fixed with service.

Signs You Hear

Any abnormal bang, screech, or thump coming from your heater warrants a call to a service pro.
If your heater comes on and off repeatedly or within a really short time, it’s time to call for help. Your heater should kick on, run for a while, and then stay off for a while. Over-cycling is caused by a number of problems.

Signs You Smell

Call a professional immediately if you smell gas. Don’t put it off or try to wait as gas leaks cause deadly fires and explosions.

Signs You Feel

Weak airflow from heating vents is an indicator your system needs repair. Cold air coming from your vents? Call your service technician as soon as possible.

The service technicians at Davis Air Conditioning & Heating can quickly diagnose problems and repair your heating system. Give us a call at 888-710-5530 today!

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