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5 Allergens That Might Be Hiding in Your Rosharon, TX Home

Your Rosharon, TX home should be a place for rest and rejuvenation from the busy world around you. However, it might also be home to allergens hiding near you that trigger your immune system and allergies, resulting in nasal itchiness, stuffiness and sneezing. Knowing these five potential allergens that might be present in your home can help you keep your household healthy.

1. Dust Mites

These allergens trigger asthma and allergies in many people. Dust mites can show up anywhere in your home, and they thrive in warm, humid areas including carpet, upholstery and bedding. Use your HVAC system to keep comfortable levels of humidity throughout your residence.

2. Dust

Dust is usually the most common allergen in a house. If you don’t deal with the dust in your home, dust mites are inevitable. Fortunately, keeping your home clean can help prevent this from becoming a problem.

3. Pet Dander

Pet allergens can make your air conditioning work a bit harder. Symptoms of pet allergies can develop over time with chronic exposure or even within minutes in cases of short-term exposure. Pet dander can transfer onto the clothing of pet owners and contaminate an entire home.

4. Pollen

Pollen might start outdoors, but it can easily get inside a home. Vegetation and trees that are reproducing create pollen, and people sensitive or allergic to pollen can wind up with sinus headaches. Pollen can enter homes through open windows or get tracked in on footwear.

5. Cockroaches

Cockroaches can invade any home no matter how clean it might be. They need water for survival, and they can enter through windows, cracks and crevices. Human and pet foods alike are sources of nutrition for these pests.

Identifying potential allergens in your home is only the first step. You also need to make sure your home’s HVAC system can help you minimize them. Contact us at Davis Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc. for any indoor air quality concerns that you might have.

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