CO Detectors: Why Regular Maintenance Is Important

Carbon monoxide (CO) is as deadly as it is undetectable. Because it’s both colorless and odorless, you can be exposed to it without realizing it until you’re seriously ill. In the United States alone, up to 170 people a year die from CO poisoning caused by malfunctioning furnaces, room heaters, fireplaces and other heating installations. By protecting your family with a CO detector, you’re ensuring their safety for a small investment. Unfortunately, many who have CO detectors don’t realize that regular maintenance is important for the detectors and their upkeep should be part of your home maintenance program. If you don’t keep your detectors working properly, they can’t protect you.

3 Essential Maintenance Tasks to Keep Your CO Detector Running

  • Replace batteries – Batteries run out, and it’s essential that you replace them. Even if your CO detector is plugged into the main electricity, it will have a battery as a backup. Replace this to ensure your detector keeps working even during a power outage. Many families are at a high risk during a power cut because their detectors stop working.
  • Clean it – While you’re changing the battery, you should clean the unit, removing as much dirt, dust and cobwebs as possible to ensure it continues to work as intended. This job can be done quickly and easily with a duster or a vacuum cleaner.
  • Replace the sensor component – The sensor component of your detector should typically be replaced once every two years. For more information, consult the instructions that came with the manual or ask the manufacturer. Neglecting to replace the sensor could result in failure, which would prevent proper CO detection.

For more advice from experts on your CO detector or on any other aspect of heating, cooling or ventilation, contact the HVAC professionals at Davis Air Conditioning & Heating. We’ve been proudly serving the Houston area since 1971 and employ more than 60 technicians and support staff dedicated to helping you improve your heating and cooling.

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