cooling efficiencyConsidering how long the Sugar Land cooling season lasts, tending to your air conditioner will improve cooling efficiency, important for system longevity and reining in cooling costs.

Ongoing Homeowner Maintenance

Make it a habit to check the air filter for your A/C or heat pump once a month and change it when it’s dirty. Dirty filters increase cooling costs because they slow the air going through the air handler, increasing the time it takes to cool your home. Dirt also can build inside the air handler, and when it covers the evaporator coil, this slows the cooling process even more.

Clean the area around the outdoor condenser periodically to allow free airflow into the condensing unit. Dust and grass clippings also can build on the condensing coil, which makes it harder for the heat in the refrigerant to dissipate. Gently brush off the coil and wash it down with the hose. Vegetation near the condenser can block the airflow, and removing it will improve cooling efficiency.

Professional Annual Servicing

Having an HVAC professional go through your A/C once a year will prolong its lifetime and lower cooling costs. The checklist they follow usually includes these services:

  • Cleaning and adjusting the electrical connections. Over time, these connections can corrode, get dirty or work loose. Any of these conditions increases the energy consumption.
  • Oiling all the moving parts, particularly the motors, and checking the belts.
  • Checking the refrigerant level and tracing any leak if the pressure is low. Inadequate refrigerant interferes with your system’s operation and can lead to a premature breakdown.
  • Testing the thermostat for proper operation and accurate temperatures. The technician will recalibrate it if necessary.
  • Thoroughly clean the indoor evaporator coil and the outdoor condensing coil.
  • Verifying that the drainpipe for the air conditioner is clear. If not, the technician will clear any obstructions.
  • Testing the airflow through the air handler.
  • Checking the ductwork for leaks and sealing them if necessary.

If you haven’t scheduled A/C maintenance for the cooling season yet, contact the pros at Davis Air Conditioning & Heating┬áto help you. We’ve provided superior HVAC services to Sugar Land and the Houston area for more than 40 years.

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