Carrier Infinity: A Tech Lover’s Dream

The future is bright in the HVAC industry, with many new technological advances to make your Fort Bend, Texas, home as comfortable as possible. One of the latest innovations is Carrier’s Infinity System.

How Carrier’s Infinity Is Cutting-Edge

When you install Carrier’s Infinity air conditioning system, you choose some of the best comfort, control, and efficiency in the HVAC market. This system allows you to customize your home’s humidity, air flow, temperature, and indoor air quality. You get detailed reports on your energy use to help you cut costs and save energy. The system controls allow you to manage your home’s HVAC use from home and while you’re away.

Infinity Control System

This sleek, one-of-a-kind command center controls your home with new technology that monitors and adapts to your family’s energy use. The system relays information between the inside and outside components to increase efficiency further. Soon, wireless sensors placed throughout your home will expand on the system’s intelligence.

Greenspeed Intelligence

Infinity systems with Greenspeed Intelligence combine high efficiency with nearly silent performance. These cooling and heating systems run at a slower rate but for a longer time and at a steadier capacity while monitoring and changing the temperature. Greenspeed Intelligence boosts your home’s humidifiers, purifiers, and air quality device performance.

Hybrid Heat Technology

Hybrid Heat technology uses the outside temperature and chooses which fuel to use for your home’s heating system. When frigid temperatures arrive, the system selects furnace heat because it’s a cheaper heating option. During cooler temperatures, the electric heat pump will run if it’s the most fuel-efficient choice.

Ideal Humidity System

This innovation allows you to lower humidity inside to lower temperature while changing the thermostat to a warmer setting. The drier setting feels cooler, so you will stay comfortable and save money.

Your Carrier Infinity Experts

For more information about Carrier Infinity, call the area’s best Carrier dealer, Davis Air Conditioning, at 888-710-5530. We offer many Carrier systems, including the Infinity, as well as Carrier thermostats, heat pumps, and packaged and ductless systems.

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