Attractive, energy-efficient landscaping can help conserve energy and lower your utility bills. It can also increase the value of your Sugar Land, Texas, home, extend your HVAC system’s life by reducing wear, and make spending time outside with your kids more fun. You can use landscaping to save energy by planting trees and vines, adding fences and awnings, or reducing pavement.

Plant Trees and Vines

Deciduous trees provide summer shade and then lose their leaves in fall. That way, the sun can still warm your home in winter. Smaller trees close to your home like dogwoods can shade your walls and windows. To block cold winds in winter and add privacy, plant dense evergreen trees around the edges of your yard. Plant trees on the west and northwest sides of your home to block the afternoon sun. Use shrubs and vines on trellises to add shade until your trees grow larger. You can also train vines to grow against your walls for extra insulation.

Build Fences and Awnings 

Like trees, fences and awnings can help block sun and wind. Also, building a fence or awning is faster than waiting for trees or vines to grow. Awnings make porches and patios more comfortable, and an awning over your HVAC system will protect it from dust, leaves, and other debris that could lower its efficiency.

Minimize Paving

Paved areas absorb heat from the sun, making the air around them warmer and forcing your HVAC system to use more energy. Permeable or porous pavement stays cooler because water can pass through it. You should also avoid dark materials like asphalt that absorb more heat and make driveways and sidewalks as small as possible.

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