Have You Had Your Furnace Tuned Up This Fall in Houston, TX?

A furnace tune-up includes cleaning the entire furnace, inspecting all heating system components, lubricating moving parts and replacing filters. If there is a component that needs repair or replacement, the HVAC technician will recommend that during the tune-up. Below are three major benefits you get with a fall furnace tune-up in Houston, TX.

Enhanced Airflow

Improper airflow affects your furnace’s efficiency and can also lead to system shutdown or failure. In turn, these can necessitate costly repairs or the replacement of some heating system components. With enhanced airflow, your heating system operates efficiently and warms up your home fast, consumes less energy and lasts longer.

Peace of Mind in Winter

A fall furnace tune-up gets your heating system ready for the heating season. During the tune-up, our HVAC technician inspects all components to ensure they are in good operational condition. If any part needs repair or replacement, they will perform the necessary repairs to reduce the chances of a breakdown during winter.

Extend the Life of Your Furnace

When your heating system operates efficiently, it warms up your home faster. This way, it doesn’t overwork, which reduces the rate of wear and tear of furnace components. Further, a tuned-up heating system does not short cycle or overheat, two factors that can lead to fast damage of furnace components.

Lower Energy Bills

During a fall furnace tune-up, our HVAC technician cleans or replaces the air filter and checks the ducts for better airflow. They also replace any broken, old or inefficient components to make the system more energy-efficient. The efficiency translates to lower energy bills.

Warm and Safe Home

When the furnace is in good working condition, your home remains warm throughout the cold season. Further, the technician will ensure there is no gas or refrigerant leaks, which can affect your health.

Prepare for winter now. Call Davis AC in Houston, TX, for fall HVAC tune-ups or any of your other HVAC needs.

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