Have Your AC Tuned Up This Spring in Houston, TX

As the winter winds down and the weather begins to warm up, it’s a good idea for all homeowners in Houston, TX to think ahead. Since you’ll start to use your AC again in the coming months, it’s a good idea to get it tuned now. Here’s why springtime AC maintenance makes sense.

Better Performance

The clearest and most direct benefit of an AC tune-up is that the system will perform better afterward. It’s important to complete this task before the system has to run full-time during the summer. This extra stress on the system may cause minor, undiscovered problems to escalate into major repairs.

It’s much better to have an HVAC technician examine your system, discover its latent problems and resolve them during the spring than to deal with them during the summer. No one wants to be sitting in a hot, uncomfortable home without air conditioning even if it’s only temporary.

Lower Energy Bills

Any increase in overall AC performance will almost certainly increase the system’s efficiency. And if your system’s efficiency goes up, then your utility bills will likely go down.

Since you’ll probably be using your AC more intensively during the summer, your electric bills may not necessarily be lower during the summer than they were during the spring even after a tune-up. Still, they’ll probably be lower than they were the previous summer. That gives you a clear financial reason to schedule AC maintenance.

Prolonging Shelf Life

One more critically important effect of AC maintenance is that uncovering and fixing latent issues with your system can extend its lifespan. It can also decrease the frequency with which your system will require repairs.

We strongly advise you to tune up your AC this spring so that you’ll be ready for Houston’s scorching summers. Call Davis Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc., and we’ll gladly schedule a maintenance appointment for you.

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