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How Does Indoor Air Quality Impact Sleep Quality in Houston, TX?

Sleep is crucial for your physical, mental and general wellness in Houston, TX. Research shows that about 60% of individuals living in areas with high levels of outdoor pollution sleep poorly. In this post, we will uncover how poor indoor air quality can affect your sleep and the appropriate remedies to reducing your night-time vulnerability to air pollution.

How Pollutants Impact Sleep Quality

Ventilation is among the key determining factors of your room’s air quality. Generally, sleeping with closed doors and windows increases the carbon dioxide levels about three times of the recommended levels. This will, in turn, lower your sleep efficiency.

How Biological Growth and Allergens Affect Your Sleep

Biological growth and other allergens are also menacing indoor air pollutants that can affect your sleep. Typically, they trigger allergy symptoms, which can lead to insomnia and disturbed sleep.

This also results in daytime fatigue. The common allergens you may find in your bedroom are pollen, dust, mites and pet dander.

How to Improve Indoor Air Quality for Better Sleep

While you may enhance your room’s ventilation by opening the doors and windows, this method isn’t a solution over the hot summers or extremely cold winters as you’ll need to have your HVAC unit running. Therefore, investing in an air purifier and higher-quality AC system to maintain optimum ventilation and temperatures would be best.

Investing in an air purifier system and an efficient HVAC system promotes better indoor air quality for uninterrupted sleep. In both cases, you’ll get cleaner air and cooler temperatures, which will ease any discomfort you may experience at night. Don’t miss out on the benefits of these systems; contact Davis Air Conditioning & Heating today for professional indoor air quality services to improve the air quality in your space.

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