Is Your AC Causing Abnormally High Energy Bills in Angleton, TX?

The summers being what they are in Angleton, TX, you’ll be running your AC almost non-stop. Though this will raise your monthly electrical bill, it shouldn’t go beyond a certain point. If your energy bills have been abnormally high even though your cooling schedule hasn’t changed, here’s why the issue may lie with your AC.

Obstacle to Airflow

Most AC systems run at a single speed, and if anything acts as an obstacle to airflow, it will cause the AC to struggle in maintaining that speed. The system will consume more energy to keep the cool air flowing, raising your monthly bill in the process. Counteract this by regularly changing your air filter and ensuring that nothing blocks the supply vents, like furniture.


You could be experiencing either an air leak in the ductwork or a refrigerant leak in the piping. The first will cause the AC to cycle longer because little cool air is entering your home. As for the second, you have less refrigerant to transfer the heat from your home to the outside, which also leads to longer cycles and higher bills.

Dirt-Covered Coils

Heat transfer becomes difficult when the evaporator coil and condenser coil become dirty and grimy. Replacing the filter can keep the evaporator coil clean while cleaning around the compressor can do the same for the condenser coil. Your technician will clean these coils during regular maintenance appointments.

Old Age and Lack of Maintenance

Central ACs can last anywhere between 10 and 20 years before a brand-new installation becomes necessary. In the meantime, though, parts wear out, especially if they don’t get the yearly maintenance they’re supposed to. Your bills will reflect, to some degree, the resulting lack of efficiency.

Davis AC can repair your current AC and provide tune-ups every year, so give us a call today for service in Angleton. We guarantee your 100% satisfaction with the work our NATE-certified technicians do.

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