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Keep Holiday Guests Comfortable with Better Indoor Air Quality

The holidays are in full swing in Katy, Texas. You’ve been gift shopping, you’ve trimmed the tree, and you’ve baked more treats than you can count in preparation for holiday guests. One task you probably haven’t thought of is sprucing up your indoor air quality with some simple fixes.

Freshen the Air

Let some fresh air inside by opening windows for a few hours before your party. Use your ceiling fans to keep air circulating at all times.

Change the Filters

Changing the filters in your home’s heating system reduces allergens and pollutants. Ideally, you should change the filters once a month, but busy life happens. Make sure to check your filters and vacuum the vents before holiday dinners.

Use Natural Scents

Candles, air fresheners, and wax are easy ways to make your home smell lovely. Unfortunately, some people with breathing problems are sensitive to them. Instead, try dried fruit, orange peels, cinnamon sticks, and a vanilla bean in a small Crock-Pot for a natural, wonderful potpourri.

Call a Professional

Easily boost your home’s indoor air quality by having your ducts cleaned. Dirty air ducts add to the amount of dust, dander, and irritants in your home. During cleaning, make sure and have your ducts sealed to help keep the risk of pest infestation down.

Have your furnace tuned up. This helps improve indoor air quality because your system is thoroughly cleaned. Technicians make sure all parts, hidden or not, are clean and in excellent working order. It also improves efficiency, saving you on energy costs.

Consider having a whole-home ventilation system or purifier installed. Home ventilation systems improve indoor air quality by replacing stale indoor air with fresh, outdoor air. Purifiers trap viruses, bacteria, and mold to keep allergens and illnesses at bay.

At Davis Air Conditioning & Heating, we have several indoor air quality solutions. From furnace tuneups to duct cleaning, we’re here to help you keep your holiday guests happy and healthy. Call 888-710-5530 to schedule an appointment today!

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