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What Is the Foul Odor Coming From Your Furnace in Damon, TX?

Like most complicated mechanical systems, furnaces in Damon, TX, are reliable when maintained and inspected. One of the most reliable signs that homeowners need to call for HVAC maintenance involves smell. Here’s where we help you uncover exactly what those foul odors from your furnace might mean.

Common Smells of Dust in Furnace

A furnace is typically used seasonally, so dust will collect in yours when it’s not operating. Dust, even with advanced filters, is common. What makes these particles smell is the heat emitted by your furnace.

Particles of dust are burning when “that dry scent” is present. Just know that this, being a common sign, is often not a warning of danger. You can find services for routine cleanings for this reason.

Old, Rotten Eggs

Any foul odors that appear only when your furnace is on is a cause for concern. The conditions encountered because of weird odors, however, are usually repairable.

Natural gas, as an ignition source in furnaces, doesn’t have an actual smell. This gas is dangerous because it goes undetected when leaking. By adding an element of sulfur to natural gas, however, you end up with a notable scent of rotten eggs.

The added component of mercaptan is not hazardous to humans, but it will tell you when hazards are in the air. Natural gas is a hazard because it can deplete oxygen sources and cause fires. Immediately let a professional know about this issue if it arises.

Partially Combusted Oils

An oil furnace can either leak or fail to fully combust its oil. Handle smells of oil with urgency. Heated oil is a burning hazard. Should your furnace malfunction because of a leak, you’ll also lack heat.

Davis AC is ready to repair your furnace in Damon, TX, so contact us now to schedule maintenance on your furnace. There is no time to waste when any of these odors are present. Our aim is to live up to your standards and ensure a long lifespan of use from your appliances.

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