What Makes Heat Pumps Short Cycle in Rosharon, TX?

Short cycling occurs when a heat pump shuts down mid-cycle and restarts again. The phenomenon causes the heat pump to fail at providing the desired indoor temperatures. Below, we will cover a few causes of short cycling in Rosharon, TX.

An Oversized Heat Pump

An oversized heat pump’s temperature regulation capabilities exceed your home’s cooling or heating load. Usually, an oversized system starts a temperature regulation cycle, heats or cools your house quickly and shuts down. Since the system does not take the time to distribute the heated or cooled air evenly, it restarts after a short time and repeats the same process.

Unfortunately, you cannot improve an oversized heat pump’s efficiency through repairs. It will need to be replaced with a correctly sized one to achieve the desired comfort and energy savings.

A technician can help to determine your home’s heating or cooling load. This enables them to install a heat pump that matches your temperature needs.

Thermostat Issues

A thermostat reads the indoor temperatures and prompts the heat pump to regulate it to your desired levels. If you install the device in a location where temperatures fluctuate often, it may send incorrect instructions to the heat pump, resulting in short cycling.

Such locations include near the kitchen, doors, windows, or vents. Consider installing your thermostat on an interior wall in a room used often, such as a family room.

A Clogged Air Filter

An air filter helps to maintain good indoor air quality by catching contaminants in the air. When the heat pump captures pollutants, they accumulate and clog your filters. A clogged air filter hinders airflow in your home.

This causes a vicious cycle where the heat pump works hard to pull in air. Overworking causes the system to overheat. Consequently, the heat pump short cycles as a safety precaution to damage due to overheating.

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