You rely on your HVAC unit to keep your family cool and safe when the weather outside gets too hot for comfort. And in the greater Houston area, that happens a lot in the summer! It’s important to keep your HVAC unit well-maintained and running efficiently so your family can depend on it in the summer heat.

It can be beneficial, as a homeowner, to familiarize yourself with your HVAC unit so you’ll know when it might need to be serviced. A good and easy way to do this is to pay attention to the sounds your HVAC unit makes. Learn what your A/C compressor sounds like when it is working; this way, you’ll know when you hear a funny noise, and that it’s time to call a professional. Below are a few common sounds to listen for that may signal it’s time for a check-up.

  • Bubbling, hissing noises can indicate a refrigerant leak, which means your unit will not get as cool as it should, or fail to cool at all.
  • Bangs, clanks, or other ‘metallic’ sounds can indicate a problem with the mechanical parts of the A/C compressor. These can be the easiest and least expensive problems to fix, but should not be ignored, as they can lead to more serious damage if left unattended.
  • Buzzing sounds can signal a problem with the electrical components, such as the compressor motor. These problems could pose a fire hazard, and should be investigated immediately by a professional.

If you hear any of the sounds described here, or other sounds that seem unusual, call a HVAC technician immediately. Many common problems are simple and affordable to repair if caught early.

Davis Air Conditioning and Heating has been serving the greater Houston area for over 40 years. With four decades of customer satisfaction and technical expertise, we’ve earned the trust of our neighbors in the community. Contact us today with any questions you have about HVAC repair, installation and maintenance. Our friendly and professional staff will be happy to assist you with any HVAC needs or concerns.


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