A Deeper Look at 7 HVAC Misconceptions in Damon, TX

The weather in Damon, TX, can often get very hot during the summer. To enjoy the relaxation and comfort of a cool home, know the facts about your heating and cooling system. This article focuses on debunking seven common myths about HVAC systems.

1. Self-Adjusting Your HVAC Thermostat Saves Energy

People tend to think setting a constant temperature 24/7 will lessen the amount of energy needed to cool or heat their home. We suggest that you consider installing a programmable thermostat instead.

Programmable thermostats can adjust according to your instructions, even remotely, and keep you at room temperature despite environmental changes. Apply these tips for using your thermostat:

  • Upgrade to a programmable thermostat, if you haven’t already, and learn about using it.
  • If you’re away from home, setting the thermostat a couple of degrees higher in summer or cooler in winter reduces the amount of energy used. We recommend settings of 76-78 degrees Fahrenheit in summer and 68 degrees in winter.
  • During the daytime, drawing your curtains can save you on energy costs.

2. Checking Your HVAC Filter Annually Is Enough

Caring for the filter to your HVAC system is one way to protect your household from harmful substances. Your filter can trap particles such as dirt, dust and grime. Leaving it unattended or unchanged for 6 months or longer will lead to it clogging up.

A filled-up filter decreases the airflow and deteriorates the indoor air quality of your house. Check with qualified professionals about which filter type is best to install in your home, and replace it as recommended.

3. The Biggest HVAC System Is the Best

A bigger HVAC system does not necessarily save energy. Instead, an oversize system tends to overwork itself by constantly cycling on and off.

Larger heating and cooling systems can also lead to leaks and irregular distribution of air around your home. Undersize HVACs need to run longer and use more energy to keep up with the needs of your home.

According to Energy Star, a faulty HVAC installation can reduce the system’s performance by as much as 30%. It’s best to reach out to certified experts for a proper HVAC installation.

4. Duct Tape for Sealing Air Vents Is Energy Efficient

Are you tempted to block off your air vents? Well, don’t, as this will amp up the airflow and increase the pressure in your system. Also, it could lead to leaks in areas where your system has seams.

To save energy, instead of using duct tape to seal airduct leaks, technicians use a mastic sealant. HVAC repairs and installation are a complicated process. For effective sealing, hire an HVAC technician.

5. You Can Install Your Thermostat Anywhere

As stated earlier, programmable thermostats play the role of automatically adjusting the temperature of your home. Some areas of your house can affect the thermostat’s temperature readings. Therefore, thermostats are not placed close to the kitchen, bathroom, vents and direct sunlight.

6. Windows Lose the Most Energy in Your Home

Windows and, to an extent, doors allow you lose or retain energy, depending on their condition. Faulty and spacious windows will leak a lot of energy but not as much as the roof.

Ceilings, roofs and even your walls will allow you to lose a significant amount of energy and increase your costs if they are not well insulated. We recommend that you properly maintain your roofs and walls to save on energy usage and costs.

7. Furnaces Are the Same as Air Handlers

Their close placement and similar looks have many homeowners unable to distinguish between air handlers and furnaces. Air handlers work on heat pumps to move hot air through your home. On the other hand, furnaces house combustion chambers to produce heat and blowers for airflow.

Stay up-to-date with the workings of your HVAC system to avoid falling for myths and misconceptions. For top-notch HVAC repair in Damon, TX, contact our team at Davis AC. Our technicians know the common misconceptions and can help guide you in the right direction when it comes to your HVAC system.

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