Fall HVAC Maintenance Is Your Best Bet

Like many appliances, your Fort Bend, Texas, home’s HVAC system needs regular maintenance. You should change your heater and air conditioner’s air filter at least every few months to keep it working smoothly. Before the weather gets chilly and you need to start using your heater, have it checked by a professional at Davis Air Conditioning & Heating. Fall maintenance can increase comfort for you and your family, reduce your costs, save energy, and improve your indoor air quality.

More Comfort

With fall maintenance, you can catch any problems before they become severe or make you and your family uncomfortable. If your thermostat is malfunctioning, your HVAC system may not come on or turn off when it should. Leaky ductwork could make some areas of your home hotter or colder than others. You may also hear rattling or whistling noises from your ductwork. You could notice scurrying sounds from pests such as mice in your ducts as well.

Dirty heating elements or furnace burners often create an unpleasant burning smell when you turn your furnace on for the first time in winter. Maintenance will also keep a sudden breakdown from making your and your family cold or ruining your plans for the day.

Lower Costs

Getting your ducts cleaned when needed, replacing your thermostat, or making other minor repairs is much less costly than allowing an issue to become worse. Regular maintenance will also extend your HVAC system’s life by preventing undue wear and tear.

Keeping your HVAC system working well will also help you make sure that the value of your home stays high. An expert will let you know when replacing your system which type of system can help you save money by lowering utility bills. You can also join the Davis Discount Club for a great deal on maintenance service and convenient reminders when it’s time for another tune-up.

Energy Savings

With regular maintenance, you can discover many hidden problems that could raise your power expenses. Leaks or gaps in your insulation or your ductwork, a dirty air filter, or even a ceiling fan that is rotating in the wrong direction for the season could waste energy. An HVAC professional will help you find and fix these issues before you start getting large bills. Saving energy also helps the environment by reducing emissions from fossil fuels.

Better Indoor Air Quality

Along with conserving energy, repairing any issues promptly can increase your home’s indoor air quality. Dirty ductwork, leaks in your ducts, a dirty air filter, or other problems can spread many pollutants through your home. These include dirt, pollen, dust, biological growth, and pet dander. Keeping your home’s indoor air quality high can prevent asthma or allergy symptoms, headaches, fatigue, rashes, eye irritation, sore throats, and more.

Regular maintenance can also keep excess dust from accumulating quickly on your furniture and floors and let you dust and vacuum less. It could prevent a dangerous carbon monoxide leak or reduce the risk of a fire in your home as well. A carbon monoxide detector will let you know if your carbon monoxide levels become too high. This odorless, colorless gas can cause dizziness, fainting, trouble breathing, and even death. If your carbon monoxide detector sounds an alarm, leave your home and contact your fire department. When it’s safe to enter again, have your furnace checked by a professional.

Davis Air Conditioning & Heating is an Energy Star Contractor and a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer with more than 45 years of heating and indoor air quality experience. We can help you maintain your HVAC system, make sure it’s working well, reduce your utility expenses, and keep yourself and your family comfortable. We also offer a variety of equipment and accessories. For outstanding service from our skilled, courteous technicians, call us at 888-929-0049 or 888-710-5530.

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