Home Improvements on an Unlimited Budget

There are a lot of renovations you could make to your Houston, Texas, home on an unlimited budget. Although kitchen and bathroom renovations may be high priorities, there are other smart ways to spend an unlimited amount on home improvements.

Geothermal Heating

Geothermal heating requires a type of heat pump that uses heat from the ground and transfers it into your home. The contractor drills pipes deep into the ground and those pipes move the heat into the house. It uses the same technology to remove the heat in the summer, to keep your home cool. Because the pipes are placed deep where the temperature is consistent, it’s a particularly energy-efficient technology. These types of heating devices are applicable to both your water heater and to your home heating system. 

The reason that many people don’t invest in geothermal heating is because of the sticker price of the upfront cost. Of course, if you have an unlimited budget, the price doesn’t matter. But, even if you don’t have an unlimited budget, you should run the numbers on the energy savings. Although the upfront cost might be significant, some homes save well over $1,000 per year on their energy bills with this technology. Over time, these savings could pay the difference on that upfront cost. 

Porcelain Tile Heated Floors

Porcelain tiles have a lot of advantages over ceramic tiles, but people shy away from them because of the cost. Porcelain tiles are denser than ceramic, making them more durable. They are great for high-traffic areas because they will stand the test of time. They also work both indoors and outdoors. If you’re making upgrades to your home, then porcelain tiles are the way you want to go. 

If you have an unlimited budget, then regular tile floors just won’t do. Add heated tiles to your bathrooms as well so you never have that frigid barefoot experience when you get out of the shower. The contractor will lay a heating element underneath the tile that you can turn off or on, helping to keep you cozy on the typically cold tiles.

Landscape Architects

Hiring a landscape architect may be out of most people’s budgets, but when you have an unlimited one, they can work miracles and completely transform your property. If you want a cool outdoor space, these specialists can design a patio area with an outdoor kitchen. Landscape artists can plant the right flowers or trees to transform the look of your property, and use the best techniques to provide you with an attractive, low-maintenance lawn. 

The right landscape architect can also have a utilitarian purpose by helping to save on energy. The landscaper can design energy-efficient upgrades to your lawn that will help to shade and insulate your home, thereby assisting in the maintenance of your heating and cooling, while saving you money on your monthly utility bills. 

Updated Doors and Windows

Updating your doors and windows is something you should seriously consider because older windows are the source of a lot of air leaks in your home. Updated doors and windows will save you money on your monthly energy bills and help you to maintain your home more efficiently. Sealing off those gaps will help prevent air from coming in and leaving your home, thereby helping you to stay warm and cozy in the winter and cool in the summer. 

Smart Upgrades

In the world of home renovations, smart upgrades refers to appliances, thermostats, and security systems that connect to your smartphone for home operations. There are very few components of your home that can’t be controlled through your phone. A smart thermostat is where you should start, and you should also consider a smart security system. You might also want to invest in a home assistant system, which offers you control over your home by being able to talk to it. 

If you’re looking for HVAC upgrades for your home, we are the people to call. Contact Davis Air at 888-710-5530 to schedule an appointment today, and we’ll be happy to talk to you about your home improvement options.

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