Top Tips for Improving Indoor Air Quality During Spring

With spring right around the corner, there’s never been a better time to improve your home’s indoor air quality. For allergy and asthma sufferers, springtime is often a season when symptoms become worse. As plants and flowers begin to bloom, pollen levels skyrocket, worsening sneezing and watery eyes. Fortunately, there are simple tricks that you can put into action to keep your allergy and asthma symptoms under control. Keep reading to learn about the top tips for improving indoor air quality during spring in your Damon, Texas, home.

Change the Air Filter

The easiest way to improve your home’s indoor air quality is to change the HVAC filter on a regular basis. Over time, the filter begins to look dirty — but this is actually a good sign. It means it’s doing its job at trapping airborne particles and pollutants, like dust, dirt, and other debris. Once the filter is clogged though, it can’t function properly, meaning it no longer traps airborne contaminants. As a result, your home’s air can become full of allergens. It’s best to change the filter at least once a month, or as needed, to improve indoor air quality.

Use an Air Purification System

Another simple way to improve indoor air quality during the spring is to use a whole-home air purification system. An air purifier can be installed directly onto the HVAC system. As the furnace or air conditioner operates, it filters the air through a special air cleaning system to keep it healthy. Depending on the exact type of air purification system that you have installed, you may need to check and replace its filter in addition to the HVAC unit’s filter.

If you don’t want to use a whole-home air purification system, you always have the option to invest in portable versions. This type of air cleaner is especially ideal if you notice your allergy or asthma symptoms worsen in certain rooms. You can place the portable air purifier in those rooms to remove airborne allergens.

Grow Indoor Plants

You can also improve indoor air quality with the help of certain plants. There are various plants that are known to clean the air, including:

  • Peace Lily
  • Spider Plant
  • Dwarf Date Palm
  • Devil’s Ivy
  • Rubber Plants

Invest in Duct Cleaning

If your HVAC system uses ductwork to heat and cool your home, it is important that the ductwork is cleaned on occasion. Dust and dirt, along with other debris, will build up in the ductwork. This dust and dirt will build up in the air as it’s distributed throughout the home through your air vents.

If you don’t want to have to concern yourself with duct cleaning, you can upgrade to a ductless heating and cooling system. A Zoned, ductless heating and cooling system is particularly advantageous for a number of reasons. Not only does it have improved air quality benefits, but it also boasts energy-efficiency advantages. With a ductless, zoned HVAC system, you can heat and cool rooms according to different temperature preferences. Gone are the days of having to heat the second floor of your home when no one is occupying it.

Schedule Preventative Maintenance

Along with duct cleaning, your home’s HVAC system needs regular maintenance as well. Many of today’s more advanced HVAC systems alert you when it’s time to schedule a maintenance visit. If you don’t have one of these systems, you can stick with the standard twice-a-year recommendation made by most professional HVAC contractors.

Improve Ventilation

Your home needs optimal ventilation in order to maintain good air quality. Why? Because outdoor air must circulate throughout the home to dilute any harmful airborne pollutants. However, many of today’s new construction homes are built with the intention of making them airtight. While this is good for preventing air from escaping and boosting HVAC energy efficiency, it comes with the drawback of poor ventilation. Just like the human body, your home needs to breathe to have good air quality.

If you live in a newer home that has a tight envelope, you should have its ventilation inspected. A professional contractor can increase ventilation to ensure the home has consistent airflow.

Davis Air Conditioning & Heating specializes in a variety of indoor air quality services. Contact us today at 888-710-5530 to learn more about improving your home’s indoor air quality with simple tips and tricks.

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