Affordable Duct Cleaning Service & Duct Repair in Houston, TX and Surrounding Cities

Davis Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc. presents Fixed Right-Guaranteed Residential Duct Cleaning. And this isn’t just your everyday duct cleaning…because Davis utilizes The Beast of Duct Cleaning. Yes, our technicians are factory trained by Rotobrush® International LLC to operate the BRUSHBEASTTM which is the most powerful Rotobrush® Duct Cleaning System system offered.

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Your Ducts Should Be Cleaned If

  • Your HVAC System registers are dirty
  • You notice an unpleasant odor when the HVAC System operates
  • You have a source of indoor air pollutants such as candles, pets, or smokers in the home
  • There is a desire to improve the indoor air quality due to family members with allergies and/or asthma

Davis A/C & Htg, Inc.’s Fixed Right-Guaranteed Residential Duct Cleaning doesn’t just clean the ducts, as a part of our basic package we will also:

  • Perform before and after photographs of the duct system
  • Clean the register boxes
  • Seal any gaps where debris may enter between the register box and the dry wall
  • Clean the grills and offer an optional new grill upgrade
  • Free RotoFresh® Odor Neutralizer upon request
  • Optional Dryer Vent cleaning
  • Optional EnviroCON anti-microbial sanitizer and/or Fresh Duct odor eliminator application
  • Inspect the condition of the HVAC indoor coil & blower assembly. Cleaning is offered as an option
  • High Efficiency Filtration upgrades are offered to enhance the longevity of the clean HVAC Equipment & Duct System
  • Optional Aeroseal application to seal leaky duct system
Davis Air Conditioning Fixed Right Guarantee

To schedule to have the Fixed Right-Guaranteed® Residential Duct Cleaning performed at your home, fill out the information box below or call (888) 710-5530.

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