What’s That Sound In Your House?

Hearing a strange noise coming from the air-conditioning system in your Brazoria, Texas, home can be very concerning, especially if you don’t know what the sound means. Some air-conditioner noises are normal and come from the standard functioning of your system, while other odd sounds mean that there’s a serious issue that deserves immediate professional attention. Here are a few common sounds you may hear coming from your air conditioner and some advice for addressing the problems these sounds might be communicating.

Clicking Noises

When you first turn on your air conditioning system, it’s common to hear a clicking noise indicating that the components of your air conditioner are coming online. If these clicking noises continue, however, it can mean that there is a problem with your system.

An ongoing clicking noise usually means you have an issue with one of your system’s electrical components, such as an error with your thermostat or an issue with one of your conduits. Electrical issues can be serious and may pose a fire hazard in certain circumstances, so if you hear a continuous clicking noise coming from your air conditioner, you should call an HVAC professional as soon as possible.

Squealing Sounds

Squealing is one of the most disconcerting noises you can hear coming from your air conditioner. With some systems, you may hear a squealing noise right as your system turns on, but in most cases, squealing indicates a severe issue worthy of professional assistance.

Typically, if you hear squealing coming from your air conditioner, it may mean that the motor in either your indoor blower or the outdoor fan is on the verge of failure. If the squealing is especially high-pitched, however, it could mean that refrigerant is leaking into your system. A refrigerant leak can damage both your air conditioner and your home, so you should shut down your system right away and call an air conditioner service expert for assistance.

Hissing Sound

Hissing is another sound that you may hear coming from your air conditioning system. Generally, hissing signals an air leak somewhere in your system, and as you may know, air leaks can have a big impact on air conditioner efficiency and performance.

Walk around your home and see if you can find the source of the hissing. If it sounds like the hissing noise is coming from behind one of your walls, leaky ductwork is the likely culprit. Fixing leaky ductwork can be very complicated and is best left to professionals. An HVAC professional will be better able to fully seal your ducts so that air will stay in your system instead of leaking out and causing a hissing noise.

Rattling Sound in Your System

Some air conditioner noises, such as rattling, can be a result of several different issues, which is why a rattling noise is hard for homeowners to diagnose. For instance, if the rattling is coming from outside your house, it’s possible that debris has made its way into your outdoor unit. Fixing this problem would require turning off your system, opening up the outdoor unit, and cleaning out the debris.

If you hear the rattling noise inside your house, it can also be a serious issue. It may indicate a serious issue but could also mean that a part has come loose and is banging around while your system is active. To determine the cause of the rattling, you’ll need help from an HVAC expert. Your maintenance professional will be able to examine your system, find the issue, and give you options for repair.

The next time you hear a strange noise coming from your air conditioning system, be sure to call Davis Air Conditioning & Heating at 888-929-0049. We are your heating and cooling experts and can help you with a wide range of problems, including odd air conditioner noises. One of our team members will quickly inspect your system and tell you how you can get your air conditioner back up and running.

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