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Summer allergens make enjoying the great outdoors more of a chore than a perk. When those allergens creep into your Houston home, however, they become even more insidious. Watch out for these three summer allergens that might penetrate your air conditioning system.

Tree Pollen

Pollen-producing trees in Houston can irritate your allergies and make it difficult to breathe. Unfortunately, the pollen falls on driveways, streets, and sidewalks, then sticks to your feet when you walk indoors. From there, the air conditioning system distributes it throughout your home. Common trees that produce pollen in Houston include oak, cedar, pecan, elm, and pine, according to the University of Texas Department of Otorhinolaryngology. If you notice this issue, consider adopting a shoes-off policy in the home.

Grass Pollen

The grass in Houston can trigger your allergies, especially during the morning on windy days. To protect your home from invasion, keep all windows and doors closed in these conditions. Avoid walking through grass before entering your home, as well, as you might track in the residue.


Mold, mildew, and other types of fungus can invade your Houston home during the summer. To prevent this, maintain low humidity levels in your house (around 60 percent) and stay on top of cleaning. Running your air conditioner helps dry out the air, but only if it’s properly maintained. If you suspect mold but can’t see it, you might need to have your ducts cleaned. Mold and mildew can congregate deep in the ducts, then circulate throughout your home.

If you know you suffer from allergies, keeping your home clean and free of mold is your best defense. Additionally, keep your air conditioner in top shape, so it works for you and not against you. At least once a year, give us a call at 888.710.5530 for an HVAC tune-up.

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