The Midwinter Checkup: 3 Tips for Preventing HVAC Repairs

Pre-winter HVAC checkups can make sure your system is ready for the colder months in your Houston, Texas, home. But did you know that checking on your system in the middle of winter is also important? On the coldest days of the season, your system will likely run more than usual. Through a midwinter HVAC system checkup, learn how to spot problems that could signal trouble for your system and prevent costly repairs.

Replace Your Filter

Make sure your air filter is clean. A dirty filter can affect your air quality and cause your system to struggle to push air through the layer of lint, dust, and debris gathered on the filter. A midwinter check can help you decide whether to clean or replace the filter.

Stop Heat Loss

If your heat is running continually and your house isn’t staying warm, especially on colder days, air leaks could be the reason. Make sure your windows are properly insulated — use caulk and weather-stripping or insulated drapes. Make sure gaps aren’t visible in your door frames to allow heat to escape and cold air to enter. Check walls and sockets for gaps and cracks, since a poorly sealed home can put stress on your system.

Keep Intake and Exhaust Pipes Clear

Houston has experienced some erratic weather in the past. If temperatures drop to freezing, or a significant snowfall occurs, you should check your intake and exhaust pipes for ice dams which can shut down your furnace. Not only can ice dams affect how your system operates, but they can also inhibit the safe ventilation of harmful carbon monoxide gases from your home.

When you follow these three tips, you can stay alert to any HVAC system issues you might have in the middle of winter.

Is your system running a bit sluggish? Call Davis Air Conditioning & Heating in Houston at 888-929-0049. Our trained service technicians can help you tune up your HVAC system and make sure your unit is heating your home properly.

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