When you live in Houston, Texas, there’s no time to mess around with HVAC systems that don’t offer superior comfort in every season. That’s why an all-in-one packaged system is the ideal HVAC choice for many homeowners in the Houston area. Find out how a packaged system offers optimal heating and cooling, providing the key to year-round comfort.

How Does a Packaged System Work?

HVAC components like furnaces and air conditioners offer heating or cooling but not both. Conversely, packaged systems like the Performance 15 Packaged Hybrid Heat System offer an all-in-one solution that combines the best of both worlds by harnessing the power of an electric heat pump and a gas furnace.

Optimized Temperature Control

When comfort is your top priority, you can’t go wrong with a packaged system. In the winter, the system automatically chooses between the heat pump and the furnace to help you create a warm, cozy home. In the summer, the heat pump uses a multi-speed blower to keep the temperature right where you like it.

Improved Energy Efficiency

With a packaged system, you never have to worry about choosing energy efficiency over comfort. Instead, energy efficiency is built right into the unit. The heat pump boasts up to 15 seasonal energy efficiency ratio in the summer and up to 8.5 heating seasonal performance factor in the winter, so it offers the ideal balance between comfort and efficiency.

Better Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality can have a big impact on your comfort, but packaged systems are designed to tackle issues like humidity, ventilation, and air purification, too. The Performance 15 packaged system offers built-in dehumidification in the summer, and its compatibility with HVAC add-ons like energy-recovery ventilators and air purifiers mean it can easily take your indoor comfort to a whole new level, no matter the season.

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