Ductless mini splits are slim, compact heating and air conditioning units that can be mounted in rooms or spaces. They’re often used in spaces that don’t have sufficient temperature control, such as a room addition or remodel without ductwork or perhaps a garage or work area you’d like heated and cooled. It’s also a more energy efficient option for rooms with existing baseboard heating.

Why Choose a Ductless System

Because the unit is a self-contained air handler, it doesn’t need to connect to your home’s HVAC system via ducts. It’s simple to install, using conduit to connect the refrigerant line, electrical power and drainage through a small hole to the outside compressor unit. Up to four mini splits can be attached to a compressor, and each has its own thermostat for individualized temperature control. These, as well as other features, make ductless mini splits an excellent choice for heating and cooling flexibility.

  • Mini splits have quiet and energy efficient operation. There’s no noisy rush of air, and the conditioned air stays in the room rather than traveling through ducts, where heat or cooling loss can occur. The outdoor unit can be placed without concern for compressor noise too near a window.
  • The variable speed compressor automatically adjusts to fluctuations in room temperatures. The thermostat can be turned down in rooms not often used, further saving on utility costs.
  • The indoor air handler mounts on the wall, floor or ceiling, and its design blends in with room decor.

For more information on how ductless mini splits could be used in your home or any other HVAC needs you may have, contact Davis Air Conditioning & Heating. We’ve been serving our neighbors in the greater Houston area since 1971.

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