Is a Ductless System in Your Future?

Some like it hot, but in Houston, we like it cool. The only problem is that summer cooling costs are expensive. If you have forced air cooling, you can save big time by switching to a ductless mini-split air conditioner. Here are four good reasons why ductless AC may indeed be in your future:

1. Zoned Cooling

Have you ever wished you could cool just one room instead of eight? With a ductless mini-split zoned system, you can. One outdoor unit can support up to eight indoor units, each with its own thermostat. That means you can cool only the rooms you use. The savings are substantial.

2. Variable-speed Technology

Forced air cooling systems run at full tilt or not at all. Carrier ductless systems use variable-speed Inverter technology which consumes only enough energy to maintain the desired temperature. Because mini-splits work smart instead of hard, they save money and last longer.

3. No Loss of Cooled Air

Mini-splits don’t use duct work, so you won’t be losing cooled air through cracks and leaks. According to Energy Saver at, more than 30 percent of conditioned air escapes through duct work. Instead of wasting money on leaked air, you should be spending it on something fun.

4. Easy Fix for Hot Spots

Do you have one or more areas in your Houston home that forced-air cooling never seems to reach? Add a ductless indoor unit there, and you won’t have to crank the thermostat all the way down just to make one hot spot feel cool. Mini-split air conditioners are also a quick fix for cooling a room with no duct work like a garage area, basement recreation room or home addition.

To learn more about how mini-split AC systems work, visit Davis Air Conditioning & Heating or call (888) 710-5530 in Greater Houston or (888) 929-0049 in Brazoria County.

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