Insulating Your Home: Yes, Do Go Into the Attic

In the summer, uninsulated attics can get extremely hot. This heat will radiate downward into your home, increasing indoor temperatures in areas beneath the attic. Building materials such as wood will also absorb extra heat and radiate it into your home. As temperatures increase, your cooling system will work harder to compensate for the extra heat. In the cooler months, the heat in your home will rise upward to your uninsulated attic, where it will dissipate unused. In that case, you face the double problem of paying for heat that is wasted while needing to pay for more heat to offset the loss.

In addition to heat build-up, attics can be a source of excess moisture. This moisture can damage belongings stored in the attic and create an environment in which mold and pests can grow and thrive.

Improve conditions in your attic by:

  • Insulating attic spaces: Insulation stops heat flow and prevents heat from entering (in the summer) or leaving (in the winter). Put insulation in the attic ceiling, in the floor, and between the beams and joists in the wall. Spray foam insulation may provide the best results.
  • Adding ventilation: An attic fan can increase air circulation in the attic, which removes both heat and moisture. Rafter vents can also help with ventilation.
  • Sealing the attic: Find and seal areas in the attic where air leaks can occur. Air leaks reduce the effectiveness of insulation.
  • Sealing the attic hatch or access cover: Add foam or rubber weatherstripping around the attic access door to seal the door and stop air leaks.
  • Planning for future needs: Before adding insulation, wire the attic for additions such as satellite dishes or other needs. Add some lights and electrical outlets for future use. This will prevent the need to tear out or damage insulation to add these features later.

Davis Air Conditioning and Heating has served HVAC customers in Houston and the surrounding Texas communities for more than 42 years. Contact us today for more information on the importance of insulating attic spaces and for assistance choosing and installing the right kind of insulation and ventilation for your home.

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