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Prepping Your AC for Spring

Spring starts early in Houston, TX, where temperatures are warm for most of the year. Although the climate is in many ways ideal, it takes a heavy toll on Greater Houston air conditioners that work nonstop from May through October. Here’s what your AC needs from you to get the job done right:

Schedule A Professional Tuneup

Proper AC maintenance involves an in-depth session with a professional HVAC technician just prior to the cooling season. During the service visit, your technician will inspect and clean your air conditioner from top to bottom, lubricate moving parts, tighten electrical connections, check the thermostat and other controls, inspect the condensate drain and perform other tasks to prime the unit for six months of high-efficiency operation.

Perform Repairs and Replace Worn Parts

Your AC technician will correct any minor issues to keep them from becoming major. He will also replace any worn parts that might give out once the warm weather is underway. If there are more serious issues brewing that require AC repair, fix them now so they won’t damage your equipment.

Consider Ductwork Inspection

If your home is excessively dusty, there’s a good chance that your ductwork needs cleaning. Dirty ductwork pollutes indoor air and interferes with AC airflow. Airflow obstructions strain your already-overworked air conditioner, interfere with indoor comfort and drive up energy bills.

Do Your Part

Replace your air filters monthly. To keep indoor air quality high, use filters with a MERV rating that is recommended for your particular system. Check the outdoor unit every month, and clear away any obstructions that could impede airflow around the unit.

Signing on for a service contract is like getting health insurance for your air conditioner. To learn how a preventive maintenance agreement can save you money, visit Davis Air Conditioning & Heating or call (888) 710-5530 in Greater Houston or (888) 929-0049 in Brazoria County.

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