Preventing Bad Smells

Unpleasant smells in your Fort Bend, Texas, home can be annoying, and they can keep you from feeling comfortable when you invite guests over to your house. Bacterial or fungal growth, dirty ductwork, clogged air filters in your HVAC system, or smoke can cause bad smells. Fortunately, you can prevent unpleasant odors in your house by cleaning regularly, monitoring your home’s humidity, completing HVAC maintenance, and using an air purifier.

Cleaning Regularly

You should change the air filter in your HVAC system at least every three months. Have a Davis Air Conditioning & Heating professional check and clean your home’s ductwork and HVAC system during the spring and fall. You can keep dust, pollen, dirt, and other pollutants from lowering your indoor air quality by dusting and vacuuming often. Removing your shoes before you walk into your home can help as well.

Monitoring Humidity

Microorganisms thrive in moist or humid environments, and they often make homes smell musty or stale. They can also damage your walls, floors, and furniture. You can measure the humidity in your home with an inexpensive gauge called a hygrometer. Many thermostats have one.

If your humidity is too high, use a dehumidifier and make sure you use exhaust fans in your kitchen and bathrooms. You can choose a portable dehumidifier that works on one or two rooms at a time or have a whole-home version installed in your home’s ductwork.

Using an Air Purifier

Air purifiers or air cleaners use air filters to capture pollutants in your home’s air, supplementing your HVAC system’s air filter to prevent bad smells. Air purifiers or cleaners can also help your family members reduce asthma or allergy symptom triggers. Some air cleaners can also remove viruses and bacteria from the air. Like a dehumidifier, you can use a whole-home unit or a less expensive portable unit.

Davis Air Conditioning & Heating Inc. is a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer with more than 45 years of experience. We can help you with a variety of HVAC tune-ups, installations, and repairs. Call us at 888-929-0049 (Brazoria County) or 888-710-5530 (Greater Houston) for outstanding service from our technicians.

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