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Have you or family members noticed ‘hot spots’ in your home? A ‘hot spot’ is when most of the rooms in your home are comfortably air conditioned, but one or two rooms are always warmer than the rest of the house. Maybe you’re noticing that you have to dust more frequently than you used to, or that the allergy-prone people in your house are suffering more than normal. Any of these observations are symptoms that there are leaks in your ductwork.

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Leaking ducts can pose some serious problems:

  • Poor Air Quality: Air from crawlspaces, attics, wall cavities and other spaces can become contaminated with insulation particles, dust, dirt, insect remains, pollen and other allergens
  • Lost Conditioned Air: The conditioned air from your HVAC system, whether it’s cool or warm air, is leaking into unconditioned spaces and not reaching the intended rooms in your home. As a result, you’ll have higher energy bills, hot or cold spots, plus reduced air flow. Three out of four homes lose conditioned air from their ductwork along with dirty air entering their ductwork
  • Overworked HVAC System: Your HVAC system will run longer to try and make up for the air that is being lost, costing you more on your energy bills

Fix Leaking Ducts with Aeroseal Duct Sealing

What is Aeroseal and how does it work? Aeroseal is a patented and scientifically proven process that will quickly seal your ductwork from the inside of the ductwork. The Aeroseal duct sealing process can fill small or large holes. Here’s how the process works:

  1. System Inspection: Your duct system is thoroughly checked to identify the amount of leakage and the air volume moved by the fan blower of your system
  2. Find cracks and openings: An Aeroseal blower system holds the dry self-sealing particles inside your duct system, while the particles move toward the cracks and openings
  3. Leaks are Sealed: The gaps are closed with the special sealant. However, the rest of the inside of the air duct is not coated
  4. Results Analyzed: A second system inspection is completed to confirm that all leaks and gaps have been thoroughly sealed

Peace of Mind with Our Warranty and Guarantee

We are so confident that our Aeroseal duct sealing process will seal your leaky ducts and keep them sealed that we offer a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, plus a 10-year warranty on the seal.

For any questions about your ductwork, Aeroseal duct sealing, or scheduling an appointment, call us in Greater Houston at 888-710-5530 and Brazoria County at 888-929-0049.

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