Home Performance Solutions

Home Performance Solutions for Houston, TX Homeowners

Home Performance Solutions was designed to lower utility bills while increasing both energy usage and comfort. The process begins with home energy audits to look for wasted energy and potential savings. After that, the contractor presents a plan to optimize home energy usage and provides details about possible cash back incentives. These incentives can add up to around $5,000 in addition to the 10 to 30% potential utility bill savings.

Why Participate

The Home Performance Solutions program allows homeowners to increase their comfort while lowering their expenses at the same time. Participants will receive:


  • Energy Bill Savings: Average spending on utilities in the United States for a family of four averages to about $2,000 per year. A savings of up to 25% can be achieved with just a few small changes or a more complete energy usage overhaul.
  • Improved Comfort: 15% of cooled or heated air may be lost to leaky ducts, inefficient HVAC systems, or other problems. This means money is essentially being pumped out the door into attics, walls, and other desired spaces. Making replacements and repairs will send the conditioned air back into living areas and allow a more comfortable temperature to be reached at no additional cost.
  • Energy Conservation: Residential homes account for 22% of energy usage in the United States. Ensuring that a home is not wasting energy does not just save money, it also saves the environment.


How it Works

There are a few simple steps to achieve savings and increased indoor comfort:

  1. Schedule a home energy audit. Our AC contractor will spend two to four hours examining your home.
  2. Discuss the findings with your technician. They will prepare a detailed report identifying any possible improvements and the potential cost savings.
  3. Sign the contract. After deciding on the improvements, your contractor will provide a written contract detailing the work to be done and the exact cost.
  4. During installation, our technicians will be timely and keep your home clean every step of the way. The process ends with a test to ensure that the work was completed properly and the energy efficiency goals were achieved.
  5. After work is completed and we have your sign-off, you will receive a certificate documenting what energy efficiency improvements were performed.
  6. Watch the energy savings come through on the next utility bill and wait for any earned cash incentives or rebates to come in the mail.

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