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Duct Cleaning – When is it Necessary?

There is quite a bit of conflicting information about duct cleaning, its benefits and when it’s necessary. Here is the reality: When duct cleaning is necessary, it can improve indoor air quality, reduce allergens recirculating through your forced air system and increase energy efficiency. That being said, it isn’t something that needs to be done on a highly regular basis.

Here are some examples of when duct cleaning makes sense for the average homeowner.

You just moved into a newly constructed home.

You would think that brand new ducts are nice and clean. However, it is often just the opposite. Construction is a messy business and all that dirt, dust, textile particles and sawdust can end up settling into your ducts. Once you have moved in, have your ducts inspected. There’s a good chance they need to be cleaned out.

Your remodel is finally complete.

Using the logic above, a remodel creates significantly more airborne particulate matter than normal, day-to-day life. After your remodel is complete, inspect your ducts. If you see a visible layer of dust or debris, contact an HVAC technician to give them a thorough cleaning.

You just moved into an older home, or can’t remember your ducts every being cleaned.

Even without construction, dust, lint, mold, pet dander and other particulates will begin to accumulate in the ducts. If you have moved into an older home, or can’t remember having your ducts cleaned, they probably need it. And inspection will also flag any existing duct issues.

Your home has recently recovered from a pest infestation.

Ducts are a cozy place to set up shop if you’re an indoor pest. They are temperature controlled year-round, and free of predators and regular activity. If you have just gotten control of a pest infestation, have your ducts inspected for droppings, nests or even carcasses that will need to be cleaned out.

If you, or someone in your household, suffers from allergies or respiratory problems, you may want to have your ducts cleaned more regularly. Otherwise, it’s an as-needed HVAC service.

Contact Davis Air Conditioning & Heating if you think your Galveston home is due for professional duct cleaning.

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