Insulation Basics for Your Greater Houston Home

Every homeowner knows insulation is important. In the Greater Houston area, where daytime temperatures typically exceed 70 degrees for ten months every year, uncontrolled heat loss can leach away at our fuel budgets. The subject can be off-putting: Insulation in the attic… between studs and rafters… under crawlspaces… there’s a lot to consider.

Happily, insulation basics for your Greater Houston home needn’t be so intimidating.

The Roof Void.

Where attic spaces are unfinished — meaning without a floor installed — insulation between and over the joists is a must. It seals off the living spaces below, preventing air heated by the sun from transferring that energy downward to compete with your A/C. Even if you use your roof void as a part of your home, it can become massively hotter than the rest of the house. Close curtains over dormer windows, and the door to the loft when you’re not using it.


Cracks and gaps are your worst enemy. Nature tries to equalize different temperatures by moving energy from hot areas to cooler ones. Drafts are breezes; moving air. What you feel indoors is hot air entering your living space from outside. Once again, that increase in temperature competes with your air conditioning, which correlates directly into more money spent on cooling. Be alert for drafts, note their location, and plug the cracks as soon as possible.


We also have to be aware of the holes that should be in our walls. Seals around doors and windows are notorious for allowing air transfer from one area to another. Seals age then lose reliance, while timbers warp so frames no long seat as tightly as they should. Caulking falls away from openings such as cable entry points. Expanding foam is a great way to resolve these issues.

Those are some helpful pointers, but, of course, these insulation basics for your Greater Houston home are just a starting place. The technicians at Davis Air Conditioning & Heating are expert in every aspect of heat gain and heat loss. Learn what we can do to help you minimize your energy spend; contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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