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The Interdependent Systems in Your Energy-Efficient Houston Home

Imagine a marathon runner who trains well and develops strong leg muscles, but also smokes. Those runner’s calves can’t do their job perfectly if the body isn’t breathing well. This runner needs to consider the whole body, not just the leg muscles.

Similarly, the ideal energy-efficient home takes into consideration all the parts of the house that affect energy use and efficiency. Every good decision counts toward achieving energy efficiency, but it helps to look at the interdependent systems that all add up to determine your home’s efficiency, especially in our hot and humid climate where energy bills rack up quickly.

Key elements of the whole-house systems approach:

Sealing air. Air circulates in and out of your home – as much as you let it. Check windows, doors, gaps around plumbing and electric infrastructures, and any other leak-prone areas. With leaks sealed, your HVAC system has less work to do and you aren’t paying for lost air.

Ductwork efficiency. Don’t waste energy and money cooling and heating your attic or dead zones in and around your house. Ductwork leaks let outdoor air in and allow conditioned air to escape.

Optimal insulation. The Gulf Coast region has the strongest need for efficient insulation out of anywhere in the country. An energy-efficient home in Houston should have insulation rated at R-30 or above in all key areas and R-20 or above in the floors.

Window sealing and efficiency. New replacement windows with double-pane glass and low emissivity really help control your indoor area, but sealing around windows is at least as important. Blinds, curtains, and strategically placed trees also help.

Cost-efficient appliances. Whenever it’s time to replace an appliance, whether large or small, opt for the energy-efficient solution.

HVAC systems. Coming full-circle to the heating and cooling devices themselves, remember HVAC system maintenance. When the system gets old or damaged, replacement with an efficient model becomes very important.

For help determining ways that you can achieve an energy-efficient home, contact us at Davis Air Conditioning & Heating. We’ve proudly served the Greater Houston area for more than 40 years.

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