Think You Might Need an A/C Replacement? Take a Look at What You Stand to Gain

If your air conditioner suffered a few breakdowns last year, you might be wondering whether you should risk going through the coming cooling season with your present system or go ahead with a replacement. If your unit’s more than 10 years old, it’s a no-brainer to go the replacement route, if only for the dramatically higher energy savings you’ll achieve. But even if your system is younger and has begun to develop problems, you stand to gain from a replacement. Here are some of those benefits:

  • Financial: The federal tax credits for high-efficiency air conditioners have been restored. Buy a new system this year, and you can qualify for a 10 percent tax credit. Of course, your new system could potentially save you hundreds of dollars in cooling costs annually, especially if you replace a system with a seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) of six with a system that has a SEER rating in the high teens or low 20s.
  • Environmental and health: Older equipment uses R-22 refrigerant, which contains ozone-depleting chlorine gasses and is being phased out by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. New air conditioners use environmentally safer refrigerants. New equipment also delivers better humidity control and enhanced air filtration, resulting in significantly improved indoor air quality.
  • Other benefits: Your new system will come with a warranty as long as 10 years. In addition to giving you peace of mind, a well-warrantied system can add to the value of your home if you’re planning to put it on the market. And if you’re planning to stay in your home, you’ll enjoy reliable performance for years to come.

Before that new system goes in, ask the professionals at Davis Air Conditioning & Heating to do an  Home Performance assessment of your home. The assessment can identify areas where you’re wasting energy, and you’ll be able to make improvements that ensure your new system achieves its SEER rating potential.

For more expert advice about A/C replacement systems and other issues related to your home comfort,contact Davis Air Conditioning & Heating. We’ve delivered quality service to Houston-area homeowners for more than 30 years.

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